Mortgages & property net worth

Is it possible on the Net Worth tab to have mortgages split out as a separate category that reports under debt vs property value which reports under assets ? I have just put in an offline account for my mortgage under loans but I"d like to be able to see the two separately.

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We are looking into improving this section.

Are there any networth tracking tools you would like to see?

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I think the graphs being much better would be better. Maybe a debt to saving ratio as well as a potential mortgage calculator based on the balances of ur accounts and then being able to select/deselect accounts you want to include in the calculation

I’d love to see a nice graph that shows total debt and total assets, with the delta between them clearly visible - and hopefully increasing over time in a pleasing way!

But the main thing is more granularity / configuration of the everyday/savings/investment/net worth widget so I can choose what goes where and create new groupings. That then gives me an at-a-glance view of how I’m doing.

Also think configuration is important. I still update a spreadsheet once a month and excel gives me the flexibility to include/exclude items at will.

Yes, I was thinking separation is important here. Ideally, we would need 3 sections (debt, assets, net worth)


I think a pie chart for networth would be great to see how much is cash, investments etc. also what would be cool is to see a snapshot or video of like 6months to see how the portfolio has changed over time

I really like that idea! that would be a great way to quickly visualise where your money is!

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