Net Worth Calculation

Do you have many custom categories too?

Yes, lots now! :joy:

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Hahah :sweat_smile:

I do think it’s a cool idea - especially if you have lots of categories!

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There are a few ways I think the net worth feature could be improved:

Custom categories
I would like to see a few different groupings of my accounts/assets - e.g. liquid net worth (with current accounts, savings and some investments) and total net worth (adding in real estate and mortgage and some other investments).

I added the value of my flat and mortgage but then was doing mental maths to remove the equity from my net worth to get liquid net worth most of the time, so I ended up just removing it.

Similarly I have put my pension pot under “other assets” instead of “investments” and mentally deduct this total sometimes as it is not accessible until I reach retirement age.

I think you could have the current headings but allow custom ones to be added to solve this.

Joint assets
This might be a separate broader feature request but I also have joint assets with my wife and personal assets, and ideally I’d like to be able to slice net worth a few different ways regarding these (only looking at joint assets or looking at all of them together). Net worth category tags that can be filtered on would allow for various combinations, e.g. joint + liquid. In another app I tried out before settling on Emma I saw they had the option to add a percentage that each account contributes to your net worth.

For some reason some account types allow you to input in foreign currencies but others don’t. My flat is in Australia but the value could only be input in sterling, the mortgage however could be put in AUD and is automatically converted. The currency conversion is quite a good feature, I think you should just add it to all account types.


Hey @Greg :wave:

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Thanks for your feedback :blush:

It seems that everyone wants to manage this section in slightly different ways so this could be an option.

Which app was this? :blush:

I didn’t specify because I didn’t remember which one :slightly_smiling_face:. I went and checked and it was Moneyhub.

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Awesome, thanks for checking!

Morning everyone!

We recently added a new savings goal feature that lets you add targets for each of your savings accounts.

Just an idea but what do you think about the option to add a net worth target too?