Net Worth Forecasting

Hey Emma team,

Just getting started here on the community, and typing from my phone, so please excuse any typos.

Total net worth tracking would be awesome, as I’ve mentioned before privately to Joel in support.

One cool thing to have would be net worth forecasting. This could help me make financial decisions more easily.

What does everyone think?


I’ve suggested expansion of the accounts tab to include an ‘all accounts’ view alongside the existing views. This would provide a means for more easily seeing what you have on a per-institution basis but could also provide a means for tracking net worth (via the associated graph for that view).

Forecasting would have to be an additional feature though.

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Forecasting would be nice, not sure how accurate we can be and based on what. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forecasting could be based on income vs average expenditure, and depending on what type of investment, interest from those as well.

I think overspending on a budget would be most powerfully viewed as what effect it has on a net worth forecast.

Where would you put the forecast? I mean in Emma.

Someone else has suggested a “all accounts” tab under accounts. Could it be in there? A dotted line from the existing data graph? Idk…

Community suggestions would be awesome.

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Yes, we are super open to understand this. :slight_smile:

Don’t want to be a pain, but is this something that will happen in the near future? Or is it not a priority at this time? (all accounts tab i mean)

I would love this as well. MS Money (I know, blast from the past) used to do this well. It would simply use your scheduled payments and regular income to chart future position.

Based on which balance?

The total of all balances.

I would love to see this.

“Based on average spending and average monthly income, we predict in 1/6/12/Custom months you will have X money and be in X amount of debt” or something along these lines.

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Where do you think it should sit? Graphs in accounts are separated by type. :frowning:

3 suggestions:

This could be a totally separate part of the app, accessed by swiping down on the home screen when at the top.

Refer to Blackberry Hub’s calendar event peek above the inbox:


(you do not realize how difficult it was to find that screenshot)

This could be a card on the home screen below/part of the account summary card.

OR this could be a “summary” tab at the beginning of the “accounts” section.

I actually think it belongs in a sub menu of analytics. I tried to visualize it.

Please excuse the terrible drawing…I actually invisage the menu icon on the left. @edoardomoreni

I found this old ms money screenshot. Last item in this list

But more Emma and less 1990 :slight_smile:

Would just your Net Worth suffice for now or would it have to include forecasting to be valuable?

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Joel - I think just having net worth is definitely an improvement that would be valuable.

I currently run an Excel spreadsheet that does just this (alongside forecasting) and having a Net Worth tab on Emma updating in real time (for the accounts Emma supports) would be a big step forward for me.

As for a simple place first place to implement a first version of forecast. I’m thinking in feed as two new lines. This could then in a later stage be more detailed in a section under analytics as suggested above.

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Daniel, I certainly agree. How would you fit the forecast onto one line? Would it be a predefined time period?

Correct, say forecast for end of year, end of month etc. (potentially something you can set as preference in the settings)