(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

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We’ve put any new integrations on hold while we work on other important bug fixes/ new features, but as the team expands (we’re currently hiring!) we’ll restart working on new integrations again :blush:


I like the look of those salaries @rebekah

Shame you need the skill set to earn them :rofl:

Good luck with the hiring.

PS. Did notice your favourite emoji over there too :v:

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Request to add CRypto.com interegation please. They do have open API if thats something possible.

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Jaja (Recently took over Post Office Credit Cards starting 5545)
Paypal Credit

Are there any plans to add Nest pensions and Trading 212?


Revolut Provides Vaults as part of Open Banking now. When I am adding Emma connection I can choose them, but Emma doesnt show them later

Hey @michalzxc :wave:

Sorry, what do you mean here?

Revolut Vaults are not visible, but as you see I gave access to them via Open Banking :point_up_2:

I see. Please can you reach out to our in-app live chat about this? Thank you!

Integration with Trading212 would be great to see the existing balance as it changes day to day

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Are mortgage accounts something that I will be able to add in the future? I tried via NatWest, but it says no accounts. Thanks

Hey @Scottrc

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You can create offline accounts to manually track your mortgage in Emma Pro :blush:


is there an ETA re: DeGiro integration?


Is Hyperjar on the way?

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If they are not listed on the Open Banking directory, we are not going to consider them. :frowning:

We are making exceptions, but again there are a ton of fintechs that really don’t have APIs.

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Looking forward to the next integration.


Jaja Credit Card. Fintech UK Credit Card.

Trading 212 - current value of all investments would suffice to keep it simple. Ideally a breakdown of the current of each stock invested - eg - Tesla Β£1k - Apple Β£2k etc.

For either the bitcoin Xpub address to work or the ability to simply add the value of your bitcoin and so you can see the value change as it’s value changes.

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You can do this with a manual account. Set the balance to zero, enter current value as a transaction on today’s date, then create new transactions for the change in balance (delta) on future dates

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Please add Atom bank, thanks.

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Please add Atom bank to the app.

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