Dozens Integration

Dozens now has an open banking API and is inviting TPPs to get in touch to use it:


Was this ever explored?


This would be ideal for me. That and Tymit.

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Not at this point.

To be honest, Dozen is not even ranking for Finance on the App Store. :cry:

That’s a shame - I would also like support for them to be added but I know they are a bit under the radar at the moment!

Could you please add “Dozens” bank to your list of intergrateble banks?

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Dozens needs to create an API first.

See the dozens community for more info here


I’d be interested to know where you stand with regards to the smaller institutions that you perhaps wouldn’t connect to previous as you didn’t feel their customer base was big or sustainable, vs waiting for the next big integration to come out.

For example, if Dozens or Sync.Money, koto card, Ziglu, Rizq, HyperJar… had an API, would you consider them now you have run out of other integrations?

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Dozens have had an API for almost a year. It’s been dismissed earlier in the thread as not being worth the effort to connect to it.

I know that, hence my question :wink: now they have run out of other APIs to include, what is their position on integrating previously discounted APIs if they exist.

I should have perhaps said “have / had” to be clearer :man_facepalming:


No, we won’t cover these small cases, unless they get coverage.

You can quickly see here ( that Dozens is not even ranking in the Finance category on the App Store.

The rank goes up to #200 and if you are the 200th app, this means you are getting about 30-40 downloads a day, so as of today, Dozens is probably getting 10 users a day or less.

If one of these companies had an API, we would consider based on the opportunity.

For example, we were working with PensionBee on Cashback and Save Money, so it made a lot of sense to have an integration in the app.

In the same way, it makes sense to have Freetrade, eToro, HL, Fidelity, Nutmeg, Wealthsimple and so on…

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I think for the past couple of years some of these companies haven’t made an effort to provide an API because they didn’t see the opportunity.

However, since we are getting bigger than all of them combined, I’d expect them to knock at our door very soon. :slight_smile:

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This suggests there is a threshold as to when a company becomes attractive for you to integrate with where possible.

Is there a particular rank you consider?

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Well, if there is an API, it’s a no brainer.

However, if we spend a day working on the API and 10 people connect, it’s just a very tough sell, no?

I agree on that. My question initially was just to gauge your opinion.

Working in product management for a FinTech, in well aware of ensuring the technical cost to connect an API vs customer desire. I’m just trying to gauge how you gauge this.

Perhaps we should use the Discourse plugin that allows voting on the forum, or you could collect data on how many users click the bank link when adding an account. Where you currently ask users to tweet a company to create an API, are you monitoring this within the app?

We monitor everything and there are about 284 people with Dozens in Emma.

Where does that rank with other banks you aren’t yet connected with?

Very low.

As of today, I think the only thing that would really move the needle is MoneyBox.

I have been messaging the founder since 2018. :sweat_smile:


In terms of Dozens, 284 is not even active users.

Let’s say 150 are active. We spend a few weeks building the integration (if they have an API), then release it, make a lot of noise and we got 40 people to connect.

In the app, there are currently 100k monthly active users.

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