(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

I’d also like an update on the ETA for Amazon integration.

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I don’t know if this is any help, could it be possible to integrate with curve, using NewDay as an example , if you use your NewDay card through curve, it produces analytics based on each card, it would essentially fill the gap whilst, native integrations and requests are pending.

This was a praised post on the Curve Community site Which was left by one of their moderators, it’s essentially a guide on making your own API.

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Another vote for John Lewis. There just no point in going pro til it’s available.


Would love to see the amazon credit card in Emma
Not sure how popular that card is tho


It will be available once New Day support is available, which is due to be soon!

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How do we refresh Nutmeg connections to take advantage of the log-in via Open Banking integration?

Nutmeg recently announced their Open Banking integration, tagged Emma in a reply which I thought I saw Emma retweet…but the next day, the original tweet and replies seem to have disappeared and replaced by this one.

What’s the current status? Do we just need to wait for Emma to do the integration through Truelayer in the next app update?

No idea about this.

For nutmeg, we just use their API - FYI, we don’t use Truelayer anymore - we are completely independent.

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Thank you for supporting Sainsbury’s Bank! To celebrate I’ve purchased Emma Pro.

Still hoping for: Vanguard UK, Legal & General Pensions, NatWest Mortgages :slight_smile:


Awesome! :smiley: :smiley:

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How about a Hitachi Personal Finance integration please?

Are there any plans to add integration with the N26 DE euro account? (Not the discontinued UK one)
Is it because of technical limitations, or the fact that it is outside of the scope of English-speaking countries that are currently covered by Emma?
I would really love to see it integrated… thanks

We are not yet live in eurozone. :wink:

Is Creation Finance able to be integrated. IHG credit card?

Hey @Phil1 - welcome to the Emma Community!

Currently no eta in terms of adding these, but we’ll let you know of any new integrations here!

Is there an Emma API to allow others to write integrations such as importing data from smaller providers that you may never support directly? Could also use useful via IFTTT, for manual accounts, etc.


Not currently, but I think this may be something that could be added as an Emma Pro feature in the future.

I suppose it depends on whether the Emma team expect significant demand for it or not?

At this point, it’s not a top priority - we’d love to have it, but I can see 10 people using it to be honest. :sob:

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I’d like to request Tandem be added too.

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