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My main card is now the pre-paid Visa MCO card.


I thought it was Amazon. :eyes:

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Times change! Amazon lowered their rewards unfortunately. I only use it for amazon purchases now to get the most out of it.

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Amazon don’t give you 10% back at Tesco and Just Eat…

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Any updates on this?

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It seems they have an API (, I am opening a ticket for the team. :slight_smile:


That’s probably for the exchange, I hope we get one for the app as well

Having a look at this card, can’t quite figure out how it works.

When you add GBP does your balance remain in GBP or does it get converted to a token and then dynamically converted back to GBP when spending in shops?

Do you need to stake CRO to get lowest level cashback?

Once you have staked CRO to get extra rewards (e.g. Spotify cashback), what happens if the Fiat value of the CRO drops? Do you need to stake more CRO to maintain access to rewards?

The balance stays in GBP. The cashback is in their token (CRO)

No, the lowest level (1%) is free.

You don’t need to stake more in fiat if the value drops, the stake amount is fixed at the time of staking. When I applied for my Ruby card I had to stake 1000 CRO (£120 ish at the time) and it is still fixed at 1000CRO unless I unstake.

let me know if you have anymore questions, happy to help!

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When you receive CRO cashback on spending, can you convert it immediately to something else or do you have to wait for some minimum amount to be reached first or for some lock in period to expire?

If you have been making use of the Spotify cashback has it been working as expected?

There is a minimum amount for transactions but I don’t exactly remember how much it is. I stake all the CRO I receive in the defi wallet.
There is no lockup period, if you’re above the minimum you can convert.
Yeah, the Spotify cashback works every time, never had problems with it. The only problem I’ve had is some merchants (online) declining it but I use curve to get around that.
Edit: just checked, to convert to bitcoin and trueGBP (which you can use to recharge the card) its currently 3.5 CRO

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How about this one for the card?

It says VISA EU. :upside_down_face:

The subtitle of the article says EU and UK so maybe the lack of mention of UK further down is an oversight. Don’t know for sure though.

When do you receive the CRO cashback?

Is it after every transaction, or does it accumulate and you receive it periodically (e.g. once a month or once a year)?

It’s after every transaction. Rebates for Spotify and Netflix etc are instant too.


I may still get it, but for me that’s a bit of a turn off. I would have preferred single monthly or annual cashback payments.

Reason I say that is every crypto transaction is potentially tax relevant. I would assume the cashback itself is not taxable as income but will be relevant as cost basis for CGT calculations. More transactions = more things to keep track of.

Will be added?

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Hey @AmandaB

I’ve just moved your topic into this thread where there’s more info about :raised_hands:

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I would love this. Or integrate Curve the same way PayPal works. As that would be a nice workaround in the meantime. offering 3% cash back on most purchases is unmatched so it’s my main payment card now for groceries, entertainment, holidays etc.