Hargreaves Lansdown

Oh maybe Hargreaves Lansdown. I don’t have an account now but am thinking about it.


Hargreaves Lansdown hopefully!


Just to note, there’s some recent discussion about HL open banking API starting here -

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Hargreaves Lansdown


We will share them with the rest of the team and update you if we do integrate these banks with the Emma app :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi any news on this? It’ll be super helpful

Second this

+1 on hl integration for pension and isa

Hi! I am wondering if this is still active? I would also really appreciate this integration! Even if it’s just read-only (and i have to log my contributions manually)

Any news on more investment account integration for Emma - Just personally, I would much prefer a wider selection of investment brokers integrated than Emma producing its own trading platform

Hey Everyone, unfortunately, there’s no ETA for when an integration will happen, but we will keep you updated when we have any news!

Has there been any update on this?

They don’t have an open banking connection unfortunately.