Features we are currently working on 🛠

Hey Everyone,

The team has been working hard so I thought I would send you a little update of the features we are currently working on in case you missed it on twitter.

:hammer_and_pick: Manual transactions in Emma Pro.

:chart: Support for any currency in manual balances.

:memo:Rename of multiple transactions in one go.

:fries: Realtime update of merchant logos.

:moneybag: Custom budgeting periods.

:alarm_clock: Deactivate/Activate Insights & Quiz.

:bellhop_bell:Improved notifications panel.

:euro: Loans support in :us: & :canada:

:bank: Bank Fees tracker in :us: & :canada:

:running_man:‍♂Day streak counter in More.

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Quick access to our community from the More tab.

:receipt: All your receipts in one place.

:credit_card: Our subscriptions tracker V2!

Let us know which feature you are most excited about :point_down:


I’m definitely the most excited about the Realtime update of merchant logos and Manual transactions.


I thought it would have been receipts all in one place!!!

That’s not really an issue. I mark all the transactions with a receipt with a #:page_with_curl:. Then they are easy to find.

Wow you’re good! you always find a way haha


Where there is a will there is a way :sunglasses:


I’m also looking forward to merchant enrichment.

I don’t really ever get receipts as I’m not needing them, but if Emma can work on some picture to text for receipt items then i’ll be on board!

Subscription tracker V2 is looking tasty. Do you guys think you could read direct debits with TrueLayer and let us cancel them from the app? Perhaps you could do this with recurring card payments should we register them with Emma too? (In the future)

I’m sad to see an update to emma’s UI isn’t on there though, it feels so childlike at the minute. Literally just get rid of the cards and have an entire flat UI or move the headings onto cards as well and it’d look so much nicer

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haha, it’s only because @bendik has made feature requests in regards to receipts, I thought this might be an appealing one for him!

Cancelling direct debits is a tricky one but maybe :woman_shrugging:

Emma is built to be playful and fun. Our user interface is supposed to be like this :slight_smile:

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Can I make the request of ticket to text so I don’t have to get particularly outstanding pictures to not die of OCD

Also an Apple Watch app with just checking/savings/debt amount would be nice.

Or even just checking and debt balance so I know I can cover my credit card bill this month! (Include pending charges in the CC bill and let us mark authorizations so they don’t show in debt)


That is a very niche feature lol

An apple watch app would be cool!

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I think it’s a pretty cool feature to be honest :frowning: imagine taking a picture of your receipt and now having a digital receipt ;(

Either that or let us create manual digital receipts - I just don’t want to like have that OCD kick in. Rn I don’t ask for receipts for that reason!

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It would be cool does anyone else do that?

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I think someone has tried before but it didn’t work too well!

For what it’s worth when I was talking about the UI I meant this:

Lacks the tied together UI that I’m expecting. It doesn’t feel connected as the heading isn’t touching or even on the same pane as the item it’s referencing

P.s. I have no proper debt that’s an Amex rewards credit card :wink:

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I see what you mean I will feed this back to the product team!

What would you like it to look like?


As long as both are consistent with each other I don’t mind, my preference would be prefer to remove the card and have them both lay flat on the screen though.

Wouldn’t be opposed to having both on the card itself though :slight_smile:

If you want when similar to how I mean I guess https://Recchan.moe uses this (it’s my portfolio site don’t laugh!)

Edit: the corners don’t have to be not rounded at all, but having a more subtle shadow and having the heading and data on the same panel would be nice

I might remember it wrong, but I asked for an option to upload .PDFs as receipts and for the receipts to be indexed. If the new receipt feature can do that, I’ll be happy. Gathering them in one place is a good feature, but not one that I’ve missed.

If I buy something in a physical store, I ALWAYS take a picture of the receipt and store it. I don’t think indexing it would be a niece feature, but it would certainly be a nice one. That would be a great way to find the receipt for something you bought if you don’t know when or where you bought it. Sure, you could always add a text of what you bought, but if you bought more than one thing that would be a mess.


Great to see manual transaction there…hopefully it can fill the gap for the accounts which Emma doesn’t integrate yet. Anyway any timeline on this update?


Hi @nilsej

I don’t have an ETA for this but soon!

Day streak could be fun. Add some badges and awards etc. and gamify it all?

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We do actually have this in Emma Pro Quests! you can get badges for 10 days, 20 days and 50 days!