Feature Request Update

I was wondering if there could be a timeline or update on a few feature requests which have been asked for, for a while. There seems to have been few feature additions in a while just updates to interest rates.

  • category specific rolling budgets

  • hide exclude transactions from transactions feed

  • negative rolling budgets for overspending on particular categories

  • being able to select clear when making custom category backgrounds after selecting a colour

  • Price tracking of Bullion as offline accounts selecting weight and price bought

  • Offline account manual returns tracking to be able to add what the return is for investment accounts


+1 for Idea 2
+1 for Idea 4

Hey guys,

thanks for asking.

  1. I think this is a bit difficult to implement in current UI, so it will need a lot of work, but we are happy to take a look. I don’t think we have any entry in the roadmap.

  2. This can be done, but we are not that keen to add toggles in the app.

  3. This is a nice extension to some work we could do on rolling budgets for 1).

  4. Here we are going to redesign how to manage categories, so it’s more obvious how to delete/edit. We are also going to add the ability to exclude categories from analytics.

    1. This is the first time I hear about this and we can take a look.

As of now, we are focused on releasing Transunion in Rent Reporting and adding a better savings provider for pots. There is also lots of going on since we are shipping two/three updates per week, but this is not strictly feature related. :wink:

As I have mentioned before, 2023 is requiring every company to be profitable and Emma is no exception, so we need to make sure we can release features as well as achieve our main goals.

ps: there will also be an update in terms of savings, investments and net worth coming out next week. We are adding more graphs.


Absolutely agree EMMA needs to be profitable however it has seemed like minor feature additions so far in 2023, be great to have a weekly newsletter or post update on whats coming. Just as an idea keep the community engaged and up to date whats going on. Look forward to seeing the new graphs. I think EMMA has a lot more potential to be the central finance app for many but some more power user features would be great to see coming too

This is quite disappointing to hear (for quite a number of users).


I agree for a lot of the chase users this is a big let down maybe not a toggle which would be preferred to switch easily but at least a setting somewhere

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I am not sure how meaningful it is a toggle in settings that say “don’t show excluded transactions in this particular screen”. How would you do it? The vast majority of users is not going to understand that.

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Why don’t you go back to how the app was originally set up with excluded transactions always hidden (and giving users the option to display them).

If it was me designing i would have a toggle right here with the exclude transaction icon to show what it is. And can tap it to have the description come up for people who dont know what it does but it would be either show or hide excluded transactions


I would do exactly the same. It’s important this setting is not hidden away - because Emma will always incorrectly hide a transaction or two for me each week.

I want to see them because of the above, but i want to hide them because I use Starling pots and transfers between etc show.

I will be constantly and happily using a toggle if it’s there. And I think all users would benefit from a quick way to check if any transactions are incorrectly hidden.

How do you explain to new users that transactions are missing?

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Easy when you setup your emma account a splash screen in the recent section shows the toggle and says “did you know you can hide excluded transactions, try it out” and the default setting is show excluded transactions so if users want to change that they can new users can never use it and nothing changes for them but if they need it they can find the feature easily or remember from setup. Hows that sound


Am pretty sure the current approach (showing excluded transactions in the transactions list) is how the app was originally setup in the early days. Then went through a period of them being hidden from the transactions list. Now back to the original approach.

I do agree it would be good to have this as a user-controlled setting though. I don’t think providing the option would confuse people; the app already has more complex features/concepts that users are expected to get their head around (e.g. left to spend and smart rules).

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I have asked a designer to play with this:

The problem I have is that if we add it in here then we also need to include it in each individual account and elsewhere.

It looks a bit too much. :cry:

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I am not sure if you are interested, but we also have Organise my Tab designed. This works just like Organise my Feed, but for the bottom tab bar.


I like all of the designs honestly as long as the feature exists I personally prefer the button which remembers my setting.

I think if there is requests for it on every page cross that bridge eventually but id say most people like myself just want it in the recent tab.to review my transactions more easily.

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Im curious to see this too i love some customisation

I think keeping excluded transactions visible when clicking on individual accounts is logical, the key thing is to hide them when I check my transaction list.