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The transactions change completely, so we just need to implement a really smart system with a low error rate. Like you lose 1 edit out of 10.

How about Emma Transaction ID assign to every transaction. May be easier to reassign the transaction by that.

We can use a bit of machine learning to fix this, but we haven’t built the functionality yet. In US & Canada, we have this already built in by our provider, but haven’t shipped it yet. We wanted to test it further.

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How about at least opening up the upload receipt to files and not only photos, by that way we can store the scanned receipt on our repository and upload once the transaction confirmed. Now the issue is if I take a picture it upload all to my google photos and I have more mess to clear.

Do you not have some form of ID attached to them to, that you assign them? Like a 64 bit integer or similar

Just assign it based on that as opposed to using their references

I can’t believe that you’re thinking this requires a complex solution when at the max it requires creating another database column and then populating it :thinking: and perhaps another table to assign edited data to (which I presume you have, which means all you actually need is a foreign key)

Yes @Recchan, at Emma everyone knows basic SQL concepts and obviously we already assign own unique ids to everything. :joy:

This is a complex problem because it’s about automated transaction “reconciliation”, not merely keeping track of edits.

Plaid, the leading banking API provider we use in US and Canada, with an engineering team of hundreds of people in silicon valley, has only recently developed a feature that may solve this problem.

I recommend you check out the article below to learn more about the kind of work it takes to make something that looks stupidly simple, yet behind the curtains it took months of trial and error of Machine Learning algorithms to make it work.

We are checking with the real data we have if the Plaid solution is actually reliable for every single bank or just marketing BS, because we really care about not losing your transaction edits and attachments.

If this proves to be good we can roll out editing of pending transactions at least for Plaid and try to bring it to every other bank. We agree it’s a really good feature.

:rocket: If you’re an engineer reading this and thinking you have what it takes to solve these kind of problems, I’d love to chat: antonio @ emma-app :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:


Give me some insight as to your DB schema + the data flow of incoming pending transactions

Edit: so I’ve read the article now and I get what you mean - my apologies as it’s clear I didn’t understand it all properly

So basically my understanding is there is no corresponding ID you get from the bank to show that one pending transaction is now posted - you just get one thing disappearing and a new one appearing

This would be fine to match if you only did one transaction a week or so - as you’d be able to clearly see what had posted and that there was nothing else, but of course people don’t use their cards like that

This is actually quite an interesting and complex problem that could be pretty easily solved with some work from MC/VISA/AMEX/Banks (although I don’t see them wanting to do the ‘work’ on behalf of you guys)

The DB schema has nothing to do with it. It’s a higher level issue.

But if you want to have some fun, here’s a challenge: make all the assumptions you want about our DB schema, check out the Truelayer docs and design a sensible solution to the pending-posted problem, then email it to me. If it’s good you get an interview.


Got it. It’s a hard problem to solve.

But all agreed here that there is an issue here which ruins the experience of using Emma and need some solution, maybe a temporary one…If I look at the problem from the end user side, it’s hard to remember the details of the transaction by the time it clears and I want something that helps me recall the transaction details so I can edit when transaction clears. My solution would have a repository in Emma and let us upload receipts and notes to it so we can assign it to the transaction once it clears or allows file upload as receipt so we can make our own DB and upload receipt when the transaction clears.

One more thing is you have to understand that plaid, Emma, banks don’t know but an end-user knows 95% of the time that which transaction is final so if we get away to reconcile you know that once it clears it is gonna be same so what to look for and a reliable ML system can be built with the help of user.

Yes, this makes sense.

I think the best for us would be to solve the issue directly. It’s not something we are looking at in the next few weeks, but it is definitely important. The more realtime we can be the better it is for everyone. :slight_smile:

How is your subscription sorted? As for now looks like there is no order. It would be great if you guys sort this by date as in committed which will be easy to understand while looking at the list.

Do you mean the subscriptions list?

It should be in predicted date order, but we are checking - it looks like something is broken. We are fixing it.

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With the introduction of community tab you got rid of Pay day tab…How do I set my pay day predictions now? I can’t do that in pay period set up as the only option I get is “remove”.

There is a button top right corner of the pay period card in Feed.

I already mentioned that with that button you can’t change the next income prediction. No option for that.

Yes, you need to remove it and add it again.

If you reach out to chat, we can put you on the new system.

I guess this is similar to “Year view in analytics” but it would be nice to have a custom aggregation in Analytics. I could select a number of months (e.g. the past three months) and it would show me the aggregation of the analytics over those three months

Hi there, new to the app from Mint and it’s great so far. One thing that kept me going back to Mint for so long is their Android widget. I was surprised to search this forum and not one request for that feature for Emma! So here it is! Widgets are a great way to view info at a glance right from the home screen. I love swiping to one of my home page screens and seeing my account balances all in one place–much quicker than opening the app, logging in, and clicking on the accounts tab.