[Feature] Aggregating Pending Transactions with Spending

Hola folks,

I just started using Emma a few days ago, with just a Monzo current account and an Amex card. My experience so far with the app has been decent with some minor issues and one major issue which is related to the only reason I joined Emma, budgeting. Monzo does a stellar job at tracking all transactions and always keeping you instantly up to date on your total spending, regardless of whether the transaction has settled or not.

I got an Amex card last week and unfortunately, Monzo doesn’t support tracking expenses across multiple accounts yet, which is why I decided to join Emma.

Emma does an incredible job with the amount of flexibility it provides for customers to track, aggregate, and edit settled transactions across multiple accounts. But unfortunately, does a poor job at keeping the spending amount up to date by not including pending transactions in the spending figure till they settle, which often takes days.

I understand that editing pending transactions is quite a complex thing to support, mainly due to the issue caused by the lack of transparency/info provided by payment processors detailed here - but I believe simply aggregating their(pending transactions) total and adding that amount to the total spending figure should be quite trivial - unless I missed something

I understand that not everyone might want that, so maybe create a toggle which allows the feature to be turned on/off at the user’s discretion

What does everyone think? is it sensible? would you like it too? would that behavior cause any problems? @edoardomoreni @antonio
Let me know!


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