Merchant editing

hey! I’d like to suggest the option of renaming Merchants, Remembering the name for following transactions and Merchant image correction as well as the transaction.

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I’ve done this by contacting support once or twice. I would much prefer some kind of user quiz/confirmation of merchants. I unwisely named a Starling pot “BT” and regular transfers to it were immediately treated as a BT subscription :joy:

I am not following this, but if you submit a merchant logo, the name gets edited as well.

This is the same for rename transactions?

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Might be asking for personalised merchant data? That means that each user could have a different name and logo, and potentially choose how merchants are grouped (do you include petrol stations as the main supermarket? Might you want to treat each branch individually etc).

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@edoardomoreni Peter explained it perfectly. Renaming the transaction doesn’t correct the name of the merchant, so there’s a permanent discrepancy.

Did you try to submit a logo with a Twitter handle? It should correct the name.

@edoardomoreni It will only work for the transaction, if you check from the merchant screen, it doesn’t show the amended name, we end up having to go through live chat and submit a ticket.

Updating logo has no effect on merchant name for me. I assumed that was by design (since there are separate options for updating logo and renaming transactions).

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