Missing Merchant Logos

Is it possible for logos to be integrated if the company doesn’t have a Twitter page (say if a hi-res image was supplied)?


Following. Interesting question

This can be done on our side if you ping live chat. :wink:

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that’s what I’ve been doing usually, however wouldn’t it take the weight of your staff building a function where the users could do it themselves?


I’d love this too!

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Could you allow for instagram handle submissions as well as Twitter?

I’m seeing more brands on instagram over Twitter.

This would free up staff and allow more accurate logos.


Great suggestion!

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Any updates on this? Is this doable?


Hey @Andy, sorry for the late reply.

We don’t have an update on this, but we have fixed the twitter preview that was broken and should be out next week.

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I have come across more brands that don’t have Twitter but do have an Instagram handle. I think this is likely to increase as Twitter becomes more toxic and Meta are about to launch their own Twitter clone.

Would be great to be able to choose Instagram handle instead of Twitter.

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Here in the wilderness, local businesses are still most likely to have a Facebook page over any other kind of social media. I also find it a bit of a pain to have to google what a particular company’s Twitter handle is, when it’s not always obvious (i.e. @nextofficial for Next).

If we could just text search with a brand’s name, and it can show us matching Twitter / Instagram / whatever handles to pick the right logo, that’d be way less friction. Heck, if I rename a transaction, it could do that as part of that flow, even.

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