Wrong logo for an expense

Is there a way to change the logo of a expense? The app didn’t pick up the correct one and my OCD can’t live seeing an unrelated logo for it. AFAIK I’m only allow to update the name…

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At the bottom you have to input a twitter handle no way manually

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I totally missed the option to change it. I would have prefer settings/options button more than a humanised question as if it were a FAQ.

And yeah, having only a twitter handle to it is quite limiting. In this case the twitter logo is quite low quality and seeing it is making my OCD trigger hard…

Go into live chat and ask them to update the merchant logo as apposed to the transaction logo with an accompanying link to either the high resolution profile picture or social handles.

Hey Yago! Some logos don’t toggle correctly which definitely is a little annoying but thanks for bringing that to our attention we’ll look into fixing it!