Merchant Logo Source

I love being able to pull in logos for merchants from Twitter as it makes the transaction feed so easy to parse.

However there are some merchants that are not on Twitter. It would be awesome to use other source like Instagram or Facebook. One example is this restaurant Outer Orbit (

Perhaps an easy way to do this in the UI could be to add a segmented control or picker component to let someone indicate the source.


It would be nice to be able to use a Twitter handle for ANY transaction too. Not quite sure why it’s restricted as it is at the moment

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Oh - I hadn’t noticed that before but now that you mention it, it seems it shows the option to update it on all my credit card (Chase) transactions but not on checking account (First Republic) transactions.

Instagram and Facebook block us.

We have already tried this, but it won’t work. :frowning:

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When I got stuff updated with snoop what they do is take the image url and route it to that, so for example NewDay doesn’t have a Twitter so I would give them the app image address as a work around, could you do this sort of stuff with Emma? Just curious! :face_with_monocle:

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter tend to change urls, so it doesn’t really work.

For Account logos, it’s quite simple, since we can upload them internally.

We currently have about 400k-1M merchants in Emma, so it’s a bit challenging to go 1 by 1 to upload/find a pic.

Have you considered letting a limited amount of trusted pro users act as a merchant moderator? So effectively we could take the weight of your shoulders?

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I think it’s an option. We have also thought about outsourcing this.

As of today, we cover a ton of merchants in UK, so the cases we see are for locals pubs/restaurants mostly - and in some of these, we can’t even assign a logo unfortunately.

Ahh I see , well thanks for the insight!

If you set up the option for users to share their manual logos and created moderators who maybe get some rewards for doing basic checks, you might even be able to monetise this with users

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I generally have no problems with either manually assigned logos or assigning through twitter. However Costa Coffee used to be manually assigned but for some reason this doesn’t happen any more?

The only issue (on our side) is that about 0.5% of the monthly active users in September submitted a logo. :slight_smile: As much as we want to dedicate time, it’s not in our top 10 of things we need to do at this point.

I can definitely see ways to improve, but we need to wait a bit more time.

The current user feedback is recorded and adapted to the entire user base if significant.


@edoardomoreni - thanks for your response.

Oh bummer that there is a technical limitation.

If you added an option to upload an image, I would be happy to contribute. But makes sense if this is not high pri if only .5% of users leverage this feature.

Do you mean via support? What kind of numbers are updating the logo with Twitter handles?

No, I mean via the feature itself in the transaction.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is super cheap as I am sure you know. Could be one way of doing it.

Feed them transaction history, get the image URL or upload this (avoid CDN where URLs may change).

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