Merchant information

Hi everyone, was wondering that with existing subscriptions and transactions, you can rename them to anything you want which is brilliant, for manual input you can choose the logo through the twitter handle, for transactions coming from the native app you only get the option to change the name, is it possible to have the option to update the merchant info yourself and set it to remember the image and description for the next time to use the merchant, hopefully that makes sense :laughing:

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Hey Sean :wave:

Do you have an example of the type of merchant info you’d want to update? Not sure I’m with you on this one haha :laughing:

Hi Rebekah! Just would like the user to be able to update the merchant information and picture to make it more cohesive among the other pages :slight_smile: you can only change the name on proper transactions and only change the image on custom transactions :slight_smile:

Hiya :wave:

Do you mean for transactions that already have a logo assigned by Emma?

Hi Joel yes !

That’s exactly what I mean!

Sure. I’ll mention this to the team but if you reach out via chat with the merchants you want the logos updated for, I can find some time this week to get these done

Sure Joel , will do, hope you’re well!