How do you handle joint finances with a partner or spouse?

Hi everyone

I wanted to start a thread about how you handle joint finances with a partner or spouse. Everyone has a different route that works for them and I am curious what that is and how Emma fits into that?

We use Splitwise to split joint expenses, as they have way more options. I then keep a manual offline current account called “Splitwise”, where I periodically update the balance to match the total of what is owed, in order to keep my personal net worth accurate.

I guess it’d be slicker if the whole process was more integrated within Emma, provided that;

  • The kickass splitting options from Splitwise existed within Emma; and
  • Pending transactions can be split instantly without the hypertensive “Hey slow down :roll_eyes:” message; and
  • Switching my partner over to Emma wouldn’t be too much friction (protracted account setup / email activation processes, premium subscriptions, etc)

That’s great! I think splitwise does have alot of great features some of which we hopefully will be able to incpororate into our Spaces down the line!