Joint Accounts?

Any plans to offer a joint subscription/account? Or is this already possible?

It seems you can add a joint bank account but ideally you would be able to link two Emma account’s so you could both tag transactions, track budget, etc together.

You can sign in to Emma on another phone using the same phone number. Me and my wife do this to share our finances.


Yes, I think this is the best way.

I wanted to build joint accounts, but it’s quite challenging to think of what you want/need to share.

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What if you had individual Emma accounts and then allowed sharing of bank accounts with another user which would then track any changes made by either person.

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Yes, that’s an option.

What about budgeting and any other unrelated feature?

If you can make budgets shareable as well then great. I think there needs to be an option to have shareables like budgets to be in addition to your own and/or replace them.

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@Hans feel free to add more findings here!

Yup I will. Give me a few days as lots of work shifts this week


That’s great!

Progress report! Failure!! I rarely use our joint account and don’t really know its passwords pins etc. I get ‘pocket money’ every month from it and use that. The EMMA App was going well and requested all the data. I simply got muddled over the account number etc.
The devil was in the detail.
I will try later - I am working this weekend due to sickness

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Well tried again but this time tried it with Wealth simple ~ it’s very easy to bring it in to EMMA. Must try again ~ the main issue is pursuading the other half (who controls the money) ~ I am the spendthrift and she thinks if I know how much is in the household account ~ I would go straight on Amazon!

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Is she on Emma? eheh

She is opposite to me and nervous using phones. The thing is that santander are very hot on security and bound to report me joining EMMA up with them. It may even lock our santander account. So I have to sort out Anna first

I’d be happy with the ability to halve all the transactions in my joint account. Having a joint account makes harder to use budgets for me.


I have a joint account but I just hide certain transactions otherwise it gets confusing!

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Brand new to Emma so still getting to grips…but loving it so far!
Haven’t figured out the best way to manage joint accounts via Emma. So currently just hiding them to clean things up in the interim.

A couple of thoughts/issues on how Joint accounts are currently integrated:

  • inflated spending: any joint spend will be allocated in full to my Emma account and therefore it would look like I’d spent a lot more than I personally have
  • inflated income: any money transferred into the joint account by my partner would look like income to my Emma account

My thoughts on a possible way to tackle this:

  1. Multiple profiles/accounts - under a single Emma account would it be possible to create two separate profiles? One for my sole accounts + savings, and another for my joint accounts + savings. Then they could each have independent budgets, but could offer some integration such as when the joint profile balance is getting low then suggest I add money from the sole profile


  1. Apportion costs - my partner and I put differing amounts into the joint account. So potentially you could look at aportioning any subsequent transactions appropriately. E.g I’d be allocated 60% of the rent transaction if I put in 60% of the balance

Hey @Phil

Welcome to the Emma community :slight_smile: My name is Lilli and I am Head of Community & Brand here at Emma.

Joint accounts can be a bit tricky but we are definitely going to build features to manage this better in the future!

In regards to this, what you can do is go into the transaction and exclude it so it doesn’t look like income. Once you have done this a couple of times it will automatically exclude the transaction in the future.

This is a great idea, I will definitely share this with the team :slight_smile:

I think the best way to solve this is to filter the analytics tab per Account. :slight_smile:

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I’d just like to strongly encourage a feature to link accounts, for e.g. couples whose finances are joint. I’m new to Emma, but the sharing an account strategy has worked poorly for me in the past. The password is either one she can remember or one I can. Two-factor authentication sends a code to the wrong number, etc. Two logins that allow us to access the same set of accounts and budgets would be very helpful.


Hi Jeremy, thanks for posting.

Yes, we have been thinking about this for quite a while.

The question is more about what you would like to share - there are lots of features in Emma and we haven’t decided yet on how this would work. :slight_smile:

At this point, most people just login with the same phone number.

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