Joint Emma budgets with another user

It would be super useful as an Emma Pro feature to be able to run a joint budget with your partner through Emma.

The way I envision this feature would be the following:

-Both (or one?) need to be Emma Pro users
-You get an option to “sync budgets/transactions/accounts with partner”
-This will create new budget/transactions/accoounts pages (or a way to toggle between joint/individual)
-In this new interface, you’ll see budgets/spending/transactions/accounts for both partners, and also the ability to adjust a joint budget.

Think this is quite unique feature which would be extremely useful for any couples running joint budgets and want to get an overview of their combined budgets and accounts. Realise it is probably a big enhancement, but would be interested to see what the community think in terms of potential demand.

I’m not personally sold that Pro offers me enough value for the cost, but the ability to share an account with my wife would make me happy to pay for it.

We have a savings account that’s currently registered in my name, so for her to use Emma I have to log her in to my banking account then connect that to her own copy of Emma.

Why not connecting all the bank accounts under the same Emma account and sharing the login? That’s how some people do it.

What would you like to see?

Not a bad a shout Edoardo!

Personally though, I would not do this. I still see value in having my own budget/accounts as well as my partners on the same account.

We both invest significant time into Emma to make sure that transactions are classified correctly (although your rules are becoming increasingly better at automating this for us over time). Having another account where we would have to go through the same exercise again, as well as logging on and off whenever we want to toggle between our individual and shared accounts, would simply be too much manual work to be worth the benefit.

Yes, I meant only using 1 Emma account with everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

To my knowledge, that requires connecting a Facebook account, and I dont trust their security enough.

A username/password or another SSO provider would solve the problem too though.