Features for couples

I left a request about groups and analytics but I’d love to know how people use Emma with partners, and how it could be improved. A few things from my side (we keep our finances separate so don’t want to use the same Emma account). Most of our spending is done on my Amex to get the points, but now and then my wife will use her card for payments, and some DD and debit card payments come from our joint account.

  1. Just pay one subscription for both of us to access the app and get pro features
  2. Have better analytics about what we spend together (vs our own spending)
  3. Remove shared expenses from our analytics
  4. Include owed amounts in our analytics (maybe this and 3 can be covered in groups)
  5. Set up shared spaces/goals etc where we can both put money in
  6. Automatically split transactions from our join account in half (e.g. any income or payments from our joint account are automatically split so that only 50% of them are included in my analytics)

Overall there aren’t really any apps that cater for couple particularly well and this would definitely be something I would be happy to pay for

Hi Harry! This is a great suggestion and definitely some interesting bits we can look into adding to the app. Have you checked out our spaces section of the app? Spaces allow you to group accounts and set different budgets as well as manage multiple accounts in one space! Spaces also allows you to share pro features with your partner which would eliminate the need for two Pro subscriptions.

Hi @ainsley.bilton
I didn’t look at spaces and unfortunately my trial has ended. Spaces looks interesting but unfortunately me and my partner don’t have a shared account, we have a shared credit card and so the transactions are all on one account so I don’t know if it would fully work but if I renew the subscription then it will be something to try!