Splitwise in Emma

We have been thinking about this for the past few days.

Would it be cool to have the same functionality as Splitwise in Emma? We can even add Open Banking payments to consolidate the debt when you want to close your “group”.

Yes! :raised_hands:

My better half and I both use Emma and now we don’t both use Monzo, it makes it harder. We have an app for this but putting it within Monzo would be great.

Perhaps you could auto-create a budget item to pay money towards the splits too and encourage them to slow spending if they maybe won’t make their payment on their part of the split :wink:

Lol, this is cool. :slight_smile:

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Maybe. However, I think it would be much harder to get my family and friends to sign up to Emma than it is to get them to sign up to Splitwise. That’s because Emma really requires the user to buy into open banking and lots of people aren’t comfortable with that yet. I suppose one way round that would be to have some kind of guest/starter user status in Emma where a user could join a Splitwise-type group without having to connect their own bank accounts.

Also, I’m pretty happy with the simplicity of Splitwise so I’m not sure I’d even try to move my split expenses management/tracking over to Emma if it had such features. Would quite like to see my own Splitwise balances inside Emma though.

Yes, but there will be still some word of mouth. That’s the main reason why we want to build the feature. :wink:

I think Emma is lacking sharing features and that was probably a mistake, although we have been pretty happy with the way people have talked about the app so far.

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