Trading Stocks and Crypto

As you guys might have seen, we have plans to bring stocks and crypto to the app.

We have been thinking quite a while about this and we think we should go beyond tracking and allow a real experience to happen in Emma.

For stocks, we’ll only launch US equities at first, while for Crypto we are thinking to support the top 10 tokens (BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, LINK and so on…).

We have some early screenshots to share and it would be great to get some feedback about what you guys have been using. :point_down::point_down::point_down:


One of the basic functions I’d need for it to interest me is the ability to export transaction history in CSV format. This could then be imported into tax software.

I mention because some crypto platforms launch without this basic functionality (e.g. Ziglu).


I like the initial layout. Hourly view is good as 1 day isn’t sufficient at times.

I currently use Freetrade, Trading 212 and a platform provided by my bank.

What I have found about Freetrade is that all the graphs are wrong. :sweat_smile:

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This is a nice touch. Is there anything super basic to add as well? We are really talking about adding a graph, buy/sell and start with something minimal.

I don’t even look at them anymore. Freetrade is where I just dump long term income. I only found out about it from @Joel and his £30 race with his housemate. I’m still not sure who is winning!

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ahaha, he should tell us.

I used to dump about £1k a month on FT until I realised that I should start looking at crypto. :laughing:

Maybe some basic information on market data when you tap on a coin (market cap, volume, etc) and ability to set alarms for big price rise/falls.

EDIT - Just noticed in the screenshot you’re already including market cap data and possibly an alarm. I’m not sure there’s much more to add if you just want to start basic.

Outside of the app itself you should perhaps look into whether you need to register as a cryptoasset firm with FCA. Not sure if you do but it would probably add credibility.

You have bigger balls than I do. I avoid crypto still. It’s just not for me.

I dump about that into Freetrade and don’t look again until next payday but Trading 212 I tend to check daily and make movements. A clean interface is nice but I prefer T212 on the whole.

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Are they better than FT? Heard good things and pricing seems lower?

Please consider somehow making trading opt in. If you enable trading stocks by default I (and I’m sure others) will have to leave the app because I can only have accounts with approved brokers. I would be sad to give up my Emma Pro but not sad enough to lose my job over it.

I already had to close my Freetrade account for this reason.

Of course, we are never going to make a feature compulsory. :slight_smile:

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Out of interest, what type of employers impose such a condition of employment?

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A bank for example, but I think that’s more to do with the stocks…


Banks mostly, given lots of their client info could be used for insider trading. Most banks will also only allow you to hold stocks of theirs via approved methods such as employee share schemes, or require you to declare stock ownership over X value.

Some government entities like HM Treasury used to require you to declare holdings over a certain multiplier of salary but I can’t find a source of this anymore so take that as fiction not fact.

Where I work it’s just a declaration of share ownership in any business of over 25%. Nothing below that needs declaring.

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Yep only stocks. Crypto isn’t a problem.

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Thanks. That’s great to know! And means I can keep using the app :smiley:

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Non regulated market. :sunglasses:

Yeah exactly. They’re not interested in that at the moment.

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We’ve been playing around with a new “Invest” tab - what do you think? :thought_balloon::eyes:

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