Freetrade Discussion & Feedback

They have just shut down their crowdfunding due to demand.

Has anyone been able to invest? :slight_smile:


I invested in last 2 rounds but this one apparently broke crowdcube :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How come? eheh

It would be cool to know what they say about stuff like Robinhood and Revolut, which are coming to do the same thing in the UK. :slight_smile:

Free stock for both using the referral link.

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I invested in the latest round.
Very interested in the fractional trades which would be a UK & EU first.
They need to add more stocks (and quicker) and add Aim.
Being honest though, I’ll prob use Revolut when they launch their free trading platform. Can’t wait to drop II! (But please build it into Emma in the meantime).

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Bother them with an API! :stuck_out_tongue:

II? They’ve already got one.

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If they had an API, they would have given us access. :slight_smile:

Sorry! Interactive Brokers have an API. Ignore me :blush:

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I don’t think they’re interested in integrations elsewhere which is a shame - I always love seeing how much money I have in investments :slight_smile:

We have been chatting with their CTO and it seems we might have an API soon. :slight_smile:



How many stocks do you guys hold? We might just even start with the Portfolio balance, instead of showing everything.

Just some ETF’s in European based investments (normally high dividends) and Vodafone shares - although I’ll be expanding to some foods based industries and perhaps some emerging markets as I believe Vietnam is the next China :slight_smile:

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There are other players Revolut and Robin Hood but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough pie to go around. Looked at challenger banks. They all find thier niche and buckle down. Free trade brand is doing well also I think people would prefer to go to one app for 1 particular functionality and have them do it really well then a jack of all trades a master of non. 70k users isn’t bad aswell. Only took 6million users for robing hood to be at valuation of 8bil dollers

There is also quite a huge difference from 70k to 6million. :slight_smile:

If anyone is opening an account, we both receive a free random stock (up to 200£) if you sign up with this link

Anyone has great stocks to recommend? I am getting into this.

I am metal Revolut user and I was just comparing Revolut and Freetrade yesterday - I chose revolut:

  • Freetrade has fee, I already have Revolut Metal (I am not convincing anyone to metal, but since I already have it is better deal for me)
  • Freetrade takes long time to deposit/withdraw money, with Revolut seconds
  • Revolut shows me news about company when I am looking at its stocks

In other hand the benefits of Freetrade I noticed:

  • You can put yours investments in ISA - unfortunately I already have ISA on Moneybox
  • FSCS protected - well, if Revolut will go down the amount I did put into stocks will be the least of my problems. Also they just secured investors money at 6 billions or something like that

Stocks recommendations:
I just got Amex and Capital one:

Other stocks on my watchlist:

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You can do Fractional shares on Revolut?