Forecast feature Request and web version

I’ve been using Emma for a month and I’m loving the app, especially its synchronization with Canadian banks. However I would like to propose some new functions that could be interesting:

  1. Forecast feature: initially, the function of budgeting income should be implemented in the budget. Thus, based on budgeted expenses and income, it would be possible to predict future net worth. Along with this function, it could also be implemented the option to simulate a possible salary increase or an expected yield of earnings through an annual percentage stipulated by the user.

  2. Web version: often for a deeper analysis a web version of the application could be interesting

  3. Smart categories rules: Some transactions are difficult to be automatically categorized, as they often come with incorrect or incomplete bank names. Therefore, categorizing them considering only their name is inaccurate. The use of rules that allow you to categorize transactions based on account, value and date would be ideal for a more efficient automation.

  4. Budget with different dates: There are some expenses that are punctual or repeated every year or semester. It would be interesting if there was the possibility of budgeting for specific events, such as a trip or budgeting for expenses that are repeated in different periods than the others. For example: I spend $1000.00 on groceries per month, but my electricity bill is paid every 2 months.

The app is excellent, keep doing this great job!

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Hey @joaoseixas93!

There are a couple of other threads open for these points so I’m going to link them below and then the convo can continue - let us know if you have any more questions or don’t feel like these threads covered what you were looking for :blush:

  1. We’ve talked a bit about a forecasting feature here.
  2. A web version is on our roadmap
  3. If you change the category of something, Emma should learn from this and then apply transactions to that new category. There is a little more info here.
  4. We’ve talked about how to deal with annual or rare expenses here which might help with your last point.

Thank you :star_struck::star_struck:

Thanks a lot.

Speaking of smart rules, it would be great if we could create our own rules for transactions. Thus, we avoid some computer errors.
For example:

All my bill payment transactions are called “Mobile” by Emma, so it’s hard for the app to categorize them properly.
So this smart rule could be created:

  • all transactions called “Mobile”,
  • with a value between $100 and $150,
  • paid with the National Bank of Canada Mastercard account,

are categorized as internet bill.

They can also be used to add other actions, such as changing the transaction name or even adding tags

Hi @joaoseixas93 :wave:

This is a great idea and certainly one that we’ll bring up with the rest of the team. We’ll get back to you if we decided to implement this feature!

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