A few suggestions including Future Forecast

I’d really like to use Emma as my only budget method but there are some things I can’t do with it.

Would it be possible to integrate a Future Forecast feature? I use another app called Balance Guide and whilst it is basic in comparison (all data is manual) it has some features that are really helpful such as a Forecast where I can enter in various incomes and their frequencies so that I can view how much will be in each account at any given point in the future. This would be great to have in Emma, perhaps alongside subscriptions…so that I can see what is coming in as well as out in the days ahead.

Another useful feature is that I can see various graphs including Balance Forecast, Account Transactions, Income Vs Expenses in figures or percentages, Income by category and Spending by category.

I love the feel of the Emma app, the bright colours and icons are visually appealing. I’d like the option to edit or remove cards though, the ‘Sharing is caring’ for example. I don’t really have friends I can or want to share Emma with so it feels cluttered. I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere about the ability to remove categories that aren’t used (mine are colour coded and have nice little icons) - I’d like to see that too.

The new ‘Save Money’ tab is great, I know it’s there if I need it but it’s not taking up space on my home screen.

One last thing; do you have a beta program for testing new features and giving feedback? If so, I’d love to take part.


Hey Lucy :wave:

Just to double-check, they use historical spending patterns (subscription spending alongside normal day-to-day spending) to predict how much you will have spent in comparison to your income?

Where would you display these graphs? On the Analytics tab? Specifically for spending by category, you should be able to see this if you go to the ‘Analytics’ tab > Select the category in question. Do you see this graph?

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your reply. With regards to your first question, no it doesn’t use spending patterns (although I’m sure it could use past income) - I am able to enter each income and its frequency and then it will show me what is predicted to come into each account ahead of time as well as what’s coming out. This is particularly useful when the balance is low and I know I’ve got payments due so I can check there will be enough in xx days time to cover them. That’s what I’d like to see with Emma.

Yes I see graphs when tapping on each category. However this only shows me what I have spent in that particular category in each particular month. I’d like to be able to see categories together in the same graph so that I could compare them to one another. It would make sense to have them in the analytics tab but I would probably then have options of what graphs to show listed downwards instead of the Categories and Merchants tabs, and then have the option to filter this info into categories or whatever once you’d selected a graph option.

Hope that all makes sense.