Pending transactions should be minused from budget


I trying to use Emma with my credit card to track daily spending.

I’ve set up some budgets for the month, like eating out etc.

When I spend, on say Starbucks, the transaction shows as pending for several days.

So It’s difficult for me to track my spending as there is such a delay in updating my budget spend.

Is this just a fact when using credit cards? And why can’t pending transaction be allocated budget?



Agreed! This would be good.

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I disagree, pending transactions are often shown in the wrong category and there’s no way to change it, so it would potentially show the wrong budget balance without a way to correct it. I’m guessing that is the reason for the design being as it is.

I disagree again. If pending transactiona are often in the wrong category then that should be fixed also.

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I agree with this. Furthermore given they are not editable and they don’t contribute to analytics or budget category totals I don’t see the point of assigning an standard category to pending transactions at all.

What I’d rather see is all pending transactions grouped into a new “pending” category whilst they are pending. The total for this pending category could be shown in analytics. Wouldn’t help with category budgeting, but at least it would be a quick at-a-glance way to see the total amount currently pending. This is something currently missing from the app and would help with spending tracking against total (non-category-specific) budget.

Obviously, if there ever comes a point where pending transactions become editable, then the idea in the original post would be preferable.

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Might be good to have the option to simply treat all pending transactions the same as cleared ones. This is essentially what Monzo does(did). There are probably not a lot of pending transactions that don’t complete (active card checks, car rental deposits and hotel deposits spring to mind), these could just be marked as excluded

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Just to say I’d like this feature. Now, I get that this could mean while things were still pending they could go against the wrong category but I’d rather that then nothing and then suddenly all my category’s were down.

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This sounds good. Not having Pending available means that over a weekend one has to revert to tracking this manually to not overspend. Defies the point of having Emma then if you are two-three days offset from having a realistic view of your spending.