Emma lifetime offer

I found this offer and was about to buy this when I realised this was only for new users :frowning:

I hope the early adopters can also be treated with something like this offer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is this a genuine deal? @rebekah @Joel @edoardomoreni

Who would the $38.99 be going to?

If that’s real, it’s 100% something I would do.

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I’d definitely do this!

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That’s a real deal only for new users run from an external marketing agency in US. :slight_smile:

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Any chance of existing users getting a similar deal anytime soon? :yum:

What if, I cancel my account and then sign-up again as a ‘new’ user?

Ahahah, we remove the offer forever.

Just joined the forum as I am considering Emma. I am in the UK and by the looks of it I could sign up for this.

Is this a lifetime to Pro and so any future developments would be included or is it something else?


Would be great to consider a lifetime offer (I appreciate not at that price) perhaps £100 for lifetime?

Absolutely bonkers that this is being offered and there’s nothing for existing loyal customers lol


this is a US users only offer.

And that calms UK users how? :man_shrugging:


we are doing this deal in the US to get more traction since we are fairly new there.

In UK, we don’t have any plans - also the offer is for new users only. :slight_smile:

New user in the US. Giving Emma a whirl using this offer. I’ve been an Mvelopes user for just over a year. Bank connectivity problems have me searching elsewhere. So far so good with Emma adding all of my accounts except my employer’s retirement investment company, which isn’t crucial to me.


My lifetime just went through, and now I’m a “Emma Pro - Power User”! Woohoo, time to create some extra stuff!