£85000 guarantee

Heya I’d like to know exactly what this guarantee exists for.

As far as I’m aware you guys get read only access, as in you couldn’t physically take my money if you tried?

Is this more in the event that our details are stolen from Emma for our online banking details? Isn’t this more linked to Plaid/TrueLayer than Emma itself

Is this linked to Emma’s solvency?

Should you go bankrupt am I just 85k out of pocket?

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Not sure what this is referring to.

Where have you seen an £85k guarantee in relation to Emma?


:joy: does this mean since my money dipped under 85k they’ll pay the balance? I love Emma even more now - customer for life


Had never noticed that!

I have no idea. Perhaps relates to insurance in the event of account credentials stored in Emma being stolen and used fraudulently??? But I thought since Emma are regulated as an AISP, banks would be expected to cover losses themselves. I can’t see any mention of a guarantee in the terms and conditions :man_shrugging:

Time to sue Emma, lets go bois

As fas I know, when you connect your account Emma gets both read and write acess. In theory they can debit you account and transfer your balance somewhere else (Ex: Venmo and PayPal), if implement an option to do it in the app remains to be seen, but they can.

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Maybe Emma should add tabs then and implement some P2P payments :smirk:

This is false. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s read-only access, we can’t do anything.

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Could you explain the guarantee then? :eyes:

I gave you a follow on LinkedIn by the way :wink:

If there is a loss of anything, we are more than happy to cover.

There is no real risk in Emma or anything we do.

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Could you add the guarantee to your T&C? For that peace of mind :wink:

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Yes, of course. :slight_smile:

ps: I am closing this.

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I got an email a while back said you’d be able to initiate US transfers from Emma, so I assumed you had write access


We are going to build this later in Q4, just for the US.

It doesn’t involve credential sharing or access to “charge cards”. The US has a completely different system and we just need a routing number to do stuff.