New Subscription Plan: Emma Plus ➕

You may have seen on our roadmap that we’re planning to introduce a new subscription plan called Emma Plus.

Emma Plus will be an introduction to the Emma world and will include the following features:

  • Cashback
  • Turbo Updates
  • Priority Support
  • True Balance
  • Bill Reminders
  • Fraud Detection
  • Emma Plus Custom Icon

This subscription will be priced at £41.99/yr and £4.99/mo

We’d love to hear any questions you have about this new plan?


Could we have a short breakdown of each benefit?

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Can you produce a comparison table that shows what’s included in each of the 3 subscription plans side by side?


So less than the current emma pro (£59.99). I guess emma pro subscribers might be looking for a refund .

I’m still in the trial period so I’ll cancel and try the emma plus when its available.

As of now, it’s pretty easy, Emma Pro is everything you have in the app + Bill Reminders / True Balance and Fraud Detection.

Emma Plus is:

  • Cashback
  • Turbo Updates
  • Priority Support
  • True Balance
  • Bill Reminders
  • Fraud Detection
  • Emma Plus Custom Icon
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We are adding Pockets and Bank Transfers in the next few weeks on all the plans (with limits).

This still isn’t clear, at least not to me :confused:

Those things mentioned are in both plans :man_shrugging: So what extra above Plus do you get with Pro?

Also interested to know how much user testing was done regarding the plans, features and pricing? I recognise that subscriptions are the way to go, and I feel like I get value from Pro (although I might consider downgrading) but after the short-lived gummy bears/points launch, I’m interested in knowing that this has been thoroughly user-tested and is at the levels that both users want and (as an investor :wink:) drives value for Emma too.


We are introducing a lower tier with the features listed.

Emma Pro is a higher tier so it has all the Plus features + the existing Emma Pro features.

Wondering if pro adds on custom categories, manual accounts, rolling budgets, smart rules (although frustratingly this still doesn’t work well)?

These are the features I mainly use, so will probably end up sticking with my pro subscription.

Will the price I pay through Apple subscription always remain the same? Or hiked with any price increase?

Price will increase for new subscribers, not existing ones.

Emma Pro stays like today and will get 3 new features.

It’s going to look like:

Emma Plus
Emma Pro
Emma Ultimate

Thanks edoardo

I think the confusion is coming from the fact there’s not a list of the features of Emma pro on here, to compare with those on plus.

Here’s a quick list I’ve copied from the Emma website, with + (plus) and • (pro)
Cashback +•
Turbo Updates +•
Priority Support +•
True Balance +•
Bill Reminders +•
Fraud Detection +•
Emma Custom Icon +•

Custom categories •
Savings goals •
Data exporting •
Advanced transaction editing •
Rename transactions •
Offline accounts •
Smart rules •
Split transactions •


Thanks for doing that @tom11 - a great reminder of why I’ll probably stay with Pro for now.

What is the standard price of Pro?
I’m on promotional pricing so don’t know the standard price.

As of today, it’s £59.99, we are going to raise it.

Sorry about this. :slight_smile:

Any discounts for investors ?


I feel like a subscription revolt is coming somewhere down the line. Everything is a subscription now and every bricks and mortar plus startup is manoeuvring to get in on the act. Sooner or later customisers are going to question the value they’re getting and reassess their priorities. Anything that feels like old stool extended warranty will get the chop if you can’t demonstrate value.

For Emma, I’m surprised at the escalation in subscription options and fees. From a customer perspective looking at their whole financial landscape I think subscriptions will just begin to feel like bank fees. If they fee charging establishment start to look in this area I think that will spell trouble.

I’ve said for some time I think a lot of Emma’s value is in the analytics, but I don’t think they have been improving. My weekly/monthly reports continue to contain nonsensical ‘insights’ and little or no period to period analysis.

But if subscriptions are here for now then at least show the content / product / price tick sheet that allows a transparent choice for the customer.


Don’t people already do this?

I check the overall price of all my subscriptions at least once a year and do a cull if I feel I’m spending too much.