Thoughts on using Emma Pro?

Hi everyone,

just wanted to gather your thoughts on using the Pro version. I’m currently using the free version but wondered what other users felt about the pros & cons of each.
What do you feel are the limitations of the free version? For me - the main things are: lack of rolling budgets; more limited spending categories; & inability to add offline accounts.
Do you find the Pro version worth the price tag? Personally, I’m a bit reluctant to use it as I’m a bit of a miser & don’t feel I’d benefit enough from it to make it worth paying for, :man_shrugging:

I look forward to hearing your ideas :grinning:

I have it. Here’s a mini overview of what I use and my opinions:

I use rename transactions and offline accounts and I like having turbo updates. I’d also like to use the smart rules but this feature doesn’t work properly with Monzo or Starling yet.

Whilst I find rename transactions useful, I’m not entirely happy with it as it doesn’t always automatically apply the name the next time I make the same transaction.

One of the Pro features mentioned in the app is priority support. But I’ve never quite figured out what exactly this means in practice. It’s not mentioned on the web page for Pro so not sure if there is actually any difference in support between Free and Pro.

On pricing, I’m personally of the opinion that Pro is overpriced - I pay for it because it was available on a reduced price offer a while back. On the other hand, I’d happily pay a fee for the Free version of Emma. If Emma let me set my own price, I’d pay about about £12-24/year for the Free version or £30-42/year for Pro.

I think ultimately you need to try it for yourself for a month or two so that you can decide for yourself, particularly since some of the features you probably value wouldn’t necessarily be the same as others.

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Thank you :blush:
I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences & opinions on the Pro version.

That’s very true! As individuals we all likely appreciate slightly different aspects of what the Free & Pro versions have to offer.

It is interesting in that Emma will have data about the usage of the various functions and the ones that I use are obviously the ones that are used most as they have not been included in the new cheaper subscription

The ones that are most useful are
Manual - this is vital as no new banks added for some time
Transaction editing and rename. - Vital as names quite often are stupid
Manual categories - vital to give segmentation to some broad categories like Income and Bills
Split transactions - vital for some transactions if you want more meaniful insight
Download - vital as analaytics are really bad and they have very low priority to fix this. No category aggregates except monthly and no tag values for 12 months.(big bug in all time not fixed for 18 months that ignore tag value for large collections) The transaction searches are sort of ok but do not really give overall summary as focused on surfacing transactions.

At £4 a month is probarly about right.

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@Wmeads001 Thank you for sharing your insights :blush:

I’d say my favourite Pro features are the custom categories, and offline accounts :blush:

We have a blog post that looks at the Pro features in more detail here if you’re interested :point_down:

Thanks for sharing that @rebekah I’ll take a look at the blog post :blush:

Just on this… the system we use highlights if you’re a pro user so it’s really easy for us to know which queries to help with first :blush:

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