Emma launches Chip Integration

This is not news anymore, but if you have missed it. This is the Altfi coverage about the launch: http://www.altfi.com/article/5234_consumer-finance-apps-emma-and-chip-offer-joint-service.

It took them a while, but in the end they delivered a decent API, so we are quite happy. We are looking forward to integrating transactions too, which are not available at this point. :slight_smile:


Transactions would be good!

Yes, I totally agree, so hopefully they hurry up.

We have excluded Goals for now, because we don’t have a way to display them properly alongside the main balance.

Is this something you would be interested in?


Ha! I didn’t think goals would be something you could pull from the API anyway.

Currently, only having the ability to create a single goal means that it is not massively useful, though I know the plan is to allow multiple goals.

A single line for each goal with a progress bar directly under the account balance would be pretty cool, but 100% not essential for me personally.

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Yeah, we are pulling down goals too.

The main issue right now is that you would have:

Total balance £1000
Coffee £200

It’s just hard to figure out that Coffee is part of the main balance.

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Would there be a way to do it in the opposite order, so…

Goal 1 £500
Goal 2 £300
Unallocated balance £200
Total savings £1000

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We already do something like this in Investments.

For example, when adding Coinbase, the user would see a total balance + all the cryptocurrencies.

This is the best option, but it just makes sense if there are multiple goals. :wink:


Transactions would be a great start, especially as on top of the automatic saves I’m doing manual ones as well and there’s nothing showing apart from the total balance. Appreciate that’s not on you though!

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We are going to make them happen. :wink:

We just have to bother this guy: https://twitter.com/@TheAlanColeShow

Yeah, I bothered him a lot when I was testing the integration!! :rofl:

That guy, at some point we were returning the balances multiplied by 1000x. :joy:

Yeah, I reached out on Twitter to you both to say as much as I wish it was, my balance wasn’t £45,861.00 :rofl:

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ahahahahah, it must have been.

By the way, I am meeting with Chip on Monday, I shall post some pictures.


Pester him for a response on Chip X. It feels like an eternity since they said it was “launching soon”.


Ahaha, I will ask them. Alan also said I was going to get it for free. :eyes:

Alan from Chip here. Pester me all you like. Transactions for Emma is in our next sprint.


so @VaradhK can integrate them. :wink:

The one and only TheAlanColeShow?!


He just needs a profile picture now. :wink: