Back to Emma - feedback!

So I’ve taken advantage of the current offer and signed up for a year of Emma Pro. It’s really come on since I last used the app, so kudos to the Emma team.

I thought it’d be useful to log some feedback as I go, if everyone’s okay with that and it’s not too self indulgent to start a new topic.

I’ll probably add to these as I go, but in no particular order:

  • I’ve set up a whole bunch of manual accounts for savings. I’ve ended up putting the provider, interest rate (and expiry date for fixed term accounts) in the name. It’d be great to have separate fields for these so I can sort by them, have Emma calculate my effective interest rate across all accounts or tell me the total amount I keep with each bank (for things like FSCS limits).

  • Twitter’s not quite what it was, so it’d be good to be able to upload a logo from somewhere else. Maybe just a file? (I’ve been looking for Atom bank but they seem to have left Twitter).

  • I’ve been trying to copy/paste my balance from online banking into Emma. But I can’t seem to paste values into the app. Sad face.

  • I haven’t got into rules for manual accounts yet, but it would be cool to tell Emma that I’ll be adding £200 a month to this account on X day and then for that just to happen.

  • On the transaction screen, at the bottom there is an option to improve the logo and name. But it only does the logo - it took me a bit of a hunt to find the rename up top.

  • I’ve spent so long setting up custom categories! I think a lot of that time was because a) I can’t search emoji and b) the screen layout isn’t great for finding them with quite a narrow horizonal scroll.

  • I also thought that several emoji were missing. I might be going blind but I couldn’t find the crossed fingers :crossed_fingers: emoji for example.

  • When setting an emoji and background for a custom category, if I choose a coloured background I couldn’t find a way to remove that again without cancelling and restarting.

  • I’d love a wider choice of emoji. Something like the range that’s in the Pot image creator website would be fab!

All that said, excellent work. I’m now on the (tedious) job of categorising years of data. But I think Emma’s multiple transaction change tools will come in handy.

More feedback soon, I imagine!


Hey Peter!

So happy to hear you are enjoing Emma Pro so far!! Your throughtful feedback is much appreciated and is always helpful to the team when looking at improving the app to make it as user friendly as possible! Please do continue to update your feedback as you use the app more!

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A couple of new things in my Emma journey:

  • It’s not immediately obvious from the transaction screen what account the transaction is from. I’d love an identifier up top of that screen!

  • Monzo transactions don’t seem to have the reference details on them. Is that a Monzo thing or an Emma thing? (It removes a lot of the richness of the data for me).

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If you mean references associated with bank transfers, its a bit of both.

My understanding from earlier discussions on this community is Monzo (and Starling for that matter) put the bank transfer references in a non-standard field (when compared to the APIs from the big banks).

However, Emma did used to show them until an app redesign a couple of years ago, and I know of at least one other aggregator that currently shows them, so its not as if Emma doesn’t have access.

You’ll find you won’t really be able to use smart rules based on Monzo bank transfers because of this.

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Okay, who do I need to lobby/beg to fix this?! :rofl:


Hey Peter! Your point about transactions being unclear about which account they are coming from is really interesting and somethign we’ll look into!

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Today’s feedback with fresh eyes:

I’ve set up a bunch of custom categories, so far so good!

But when I come to reassign transaction categories, I’d be swell to have both my custom and the standard categories in one alphabetical list. I can’t quite remember what’s an Emma category and what’s a me one, so just having them all in a list would be amazing.


So it looks a bit like I’ve run into a dead end with Emma for now. But hopefully it’ll be resolved :soon:

The problem is this: when Chase first came out I used it a lot for the cashback. To keep Monzo Trends accurate, I diligently transferred over the exact amount for each transaction and categorised it properly in Monzo.

Now, I know I would have to redo all that categorisation in Emma, but I can’t see the reference in Emma so don’t know how to categorise.

Okay, I thought, I’ll just bulk recategorise all my Monzo-Chase transfers to general. Not great, but at least my total expenditure will be right. But that doesn’t work either because the destination account isn’t shown in Emma.

Fortunately this isn’t a deal breaker as we’ll have Chase in Emma soon, but I thought I’d point it out.

As prophesised, this didn’t work either.

Looks like I’ll have to be patient and dive back in properly once Chase is connected!

we’ll look into this!

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This is definitely a painpoint we are so excited for Chase to be launching soon!