Chip not syncing

Hey Emma Community,

Just a heads-up that Chip is stopping their connection with us today which means that any existing connections to Chip in Emma will no longer update and you won’t be able to add any new Chip connections :frowning_face:

You can manually track your Chip accounts using the Offline Accounts feature. Read more about Offline Accounts here.

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@Joel was this a commercial decision on their side? I’m thinking it’s really difficult taking something away from users so if it would change things, people can maybe complain directly to them.

They didn’t provide us with a full answer on why they decided to remove support so I’m not sure what their motivation was for removing support.

If anyone would like to see the Chip integration reinstated, you could try reaching out to them directly and ask them to reinstate

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@Joel and Wealthsimple at the same time?! Is that the same random pulling of support?

Loss of existing access to Chip is not really a big deal as it was never full support in the first place. It didn’t include include their interest-paying accounts (which is probably now where most users store their money) and didn’t include transaction information.

I created a thread on Chip’s community asking for proper open banking API. Mentioning here in case anyone wishes to contribute…


This wasn’t a commercial decision.

They just can’t write 2 lines of code properly. :man_shrugging:


This likely explains why I was experiencing issues before. Glad I checked here otherwise I would’ve continued to wonder why it wasn’t working.
Thank you mentioning this!

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Thanks and sorry about this. :frowning:

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The amount of bugs and issues with chip no I don’t think they can code

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