Roadmap Update Please!


Can you provide an updated roadmap so we can have a guideline/idea of future updates and upcoming app refinements please?

Thanks you!


Hey @Luke,

we are working on automated savings.

You’ll be able to setup a direct debit in Emma that will help you save week on week in your Emma Pots. We are also working on our UI design, so that we can quickly launch an iPad and MacBook app in the next few weeks.

At this point, we are pending approval for a quite complex FCA application, which should give us access to a lot of things - these include Credit Score and Report, which we want to bring in Emma.

If things play out well, we’ll also build a web dashboard this year. :slight_smile:


Sounds great, thank you for that!

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Amazing stuff, the more EMMA can centralise my finances the better. Still love a sub category feature but it’s not end of the world


Yes I agree a sub category feature would be better than using tags predominantly

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