AI Savings are coming to Emma

Hey guys,

as I have mentioned in another thread we area actively working on brining AI savings to Emma Pots and I am quite optimistic we’ll have this new functionality early next year. :wink:

What rules would you love to see in Emma’s new automated savings?

I’ll post some early mockups as well, so you can take a look.

Good one would be based on remaining budget would you like to move that money to a pot so if you are under budget by £115 you are prompted to mive that to savings and then can set that default automation to yes

  1. A percentage of last month’s leftover budget.
  2. Ability to set a yearly savings target and the AI auto adjusts budget categories (within a tolerance) based on general usage and trends to try and hit that target (each change would require approval from user, so maybe once per month)
  3. Auto save as much money as possible from account and release it just before recurring payment date or as payments are pending. No idea if this is possible/too dangerous to be automated, but worth asking :slight_smile:
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Yes, we are going towards this direction - weekly deposits based on a mode (easy, medium, hard).

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I just wanted to let you know we have signed a contract with GoCardless. They will provide direct debit functionality. We are going to start working on this next week, so I hope we are ready to go by the end of January. :wink:

Hey guys, we are live with this feature. :wink: