Any innovation or improvements to Goals planned?

Goals in Emma are rather hidden away, and only one per account can be set. We all have financial goals, whether we’re currently tracking them or not.

Other apps champion goals a bit better. I’d love for Emma to have more of a focus around them - is this planned? I’d like to be able to set up multiple goals and see them in one area, somewhere a bit more visible and quicker to access.

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We have a few things in mind, but have not prioritized them yet:

  • more visibility in savings accounts
  • graph with forecast
  • alerts / reminders

Brilliant! Thank you.

Do you have any ideas from other apps maybe?

I havent seen this in other apps but EMMA could use the users data and suggest things such as “if you reduce your eating out by 20% - £25pm you could reach your goal in 3 months less time” Would you like to set that budget. then a button to the budgets which can set it for you.

Another goal could be to have a FIRE calculator and try to keep you on track with that setting your income, pensions etc etc and then work out how much more needs to be invested approximating general market returns or even letting users set this, then having a countdown being "financial freedom in approximately 15years 3months. but fully fledging something also this line would be super cool

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I really like how Nova focuses on goals and makes them such an important part of the app. After all - doing this should help increase active users, wanting to check in on goal progress!

I’d be happy if Emma copied all of their goal features :smile:

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What about Pots?

I’m personally not at all interested in Pots within Emma.

Can we get goals for paying down credit cards particularly balance transfers before the interest free period expires ? I currently put the BT period end date in the name of the card to remind me but it would be good to be able to set a date to pay off, how much that would mean paying each month vs current payment, progress towards reducing the balance on time

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Also, not been interested in pots as whilst the rate us competetive I can get a better rate elsewhere. I actually have pots with Zopa with different notice periods and add the overall balance as a manual account + a couple of regular savers for the savings habit which also have to be added manually which is a shame!

I also think goals are quite hidden. Would love a dashboard with all savings goals and paying down credit cards / loans / mortgages too

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This would be ace.

I don’t really assign goals to accounts necessarily. I might have a few long term aims that I’m saving for in the same account, or a few regular savers or others that might all contribute to one goal, so having a dashboard with the ability to display it all clearly would be great.


We are going to do some Feed cleaning soon, we might figure out a way to render this.


This is still on my mind. I would personally love to add a section to my feed, if there isn’t going to be a Goals item in the navigation menu.

I feel like I just need more visibility on them to keep me incentivised to work towards them. I wan to see my progress (the % I am to the goals) as soon as I open the app. Hopefully that makes sense?

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It would be great to be able to set goals across your net wealth, e.g. total net wealth, total savings, total investments, with timelines

A total savings goal?

Let me know if I’ve missed it, but I can see ways to set a savings goal, but not to set one for net wealth.

We have goals which cover savings, investments, equity in property etc.