Emma integrating with IFTTT

This idea is gaining some traction, what do you think?


Yeah, would love to see this - I’m a massive fan of IFTTT!


What would be your use cases?


Yeah, I am curious too.

I’d definitely be interested; I like IFTTT and have a lot of their recipes going with my Monzo account.

What do you mean? :slight_smile:

I’m showing my age here :older_woman:t2:; it’s what they used to call their applets and I couldn’t think of the current word!

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Ehehe, do you have any cool (to share) rules in place?

Ooh, actually, I do have “Save my receipts to Dropbox” in place, but since Emma introduced receipts I’ve just been adding them there instead of Monzo… so an equivalent for Emma would be really helpful. (And / or to Evernote.)

I used to have one which put 10p into a pot every time Donald Trump tweeted but I turned that off as he was making me very poor.




We have reached out to IFTTT and should be able to chat about this very very very soon. :slight_smile:

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Any update on this one?..

We have had some early conversation with IFTTT and are studying when and how to move in this space. :slight_smile:

There is still no ETA.


What Triggers and actions would you likely have

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This would be interesting to know.

If and when Emma becomes a payment initiator, I can see this being VERY useful. As it is now, I can’t think what I’d do with this…

I don’t see payments in the short or long term unfortunately. They require re-authentication every time. :frowning:

But yeah, that would be ace. Moving money around with IFTTT.

I am sure we can do this in other countries. :open_mouth:

I think the most typical use initially would be for tagging and categorising.

If transaction is made, i want my hue lights to blink red
if refund is made, blink green.

If the tags within the emma app could be used it could open up the possibilities,