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Hey guys,

I am opening this topic so we can discuss the competition!

Anyone has tried the Snoop app? What features do you like the most? :slight_smile:

Funnily enough I have snoop , far far far !! Behind!! they seem to prioritise integrations more than they do core functionality of the app. You don’t get in app support, response time can be 1 hour + for simple enquiries and even just to update an icon or description, mostly the feed is generated by submissions of their users. Looking at the activity on their community I can’t imagine they’re booming.

Yep, I have it too.

Have you see any interesting features you would like to see in Emma? :slight_smile:

Bank/account info in the composite transaction list

Weekend Snoop about upcoming regular payments the following week

I’ve tried and keep an eye on many aggregators out of curiosity, but Emma and Snoop are the only ones I actually ‘use’.

Hmm i mean the snoop feed is an interesting take, but I find it a glorified Hotukdeals, besides that I think you’re miles a head. Maybe if you did a something like a browser overlay where you could check through the EMMA Feed looking for vouchers, sort of like a messenger bubble or by using the auto fill API.

The thing on the bottom still covers transactions. Said about it and was brushed off. They are lucky it’s still installed tbh.

I would add a screenshot but it keeps closing this when I add the pic :expressionless:

Complain to might get a reply tomorrow if lucky , I tell you what @edoardomoreni what just come to mind is your phone contract subscriptions on EMMA, could you change it so you can add device details and contract dates ? That’s one other thing I can think off! Reminders which then refer you to the switching section :wink:

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Would be cool if you could put in the device information also so if it’s out of warranty and your phones destroyed you could work out the best options for a replacement (cost wise)

I have just let all my bank connections lapse on snoop. Some of the snoops were interesting, but they didn’t seem particularly linked to my transactions.

I’m not sure I am missing much by no longer having live data!

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I do like the idea of crowd-sourced (but curated) ways to save money. They need to be linked to transactions in the main, but any ideas on how to save money/gain extra points is always interesting. I don’t think any other aggregator or bank is doing this right now.

That’s pretty much the only distinctive thing about Snoop, but I do worry if Emma does do the same thing how much time, money and resources would be needed to constantly moderate it, they have a separate thread for their definition Snoops* which is a dedicated thread to report which ones shouldn’t have slipped through the crack. That’s probably the only thread which gets regular activity.

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I had it 2 days and deleted it. Hated it.

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I’d rather do this in the community. :sweat_smile:

Haha :joy: what about the little graphic of the goggles when you open snoop, Could give the bears some sass :wink:

If anyone would like to get an impression or a comparison between the community ideas here’s a link to their community :wink:

Warn you though it’s always quiet :shushing_face::joy:

LoL :upside_down_face:

I installed Snoop this week and have been impressed. I’m pretty finance savvy but they’ve already offered me a couple of personalised suggestions I’ve taken up to save me money.

Their analysis and categorisation of spending is inferior as the number of spending categories is limited however I’m told they will add custom categories this month.

Overall I did like the look and feel of the Snoop app.

Such as? :slight_smile:

I think Snoop have been particularly unfortunate having their public launch near the start of lockdown when most people’s spending patterns were abnormally curtailed and homogenous (and therefore the Snoops have to be quite homogenous or generic). I think the usefulness of their Snoops can’t really be properly judged until people get back to their normal variety of spending.

It’s all relative though. There will be users of Monzo’s community who would say the Emma community is very quiet.

The early days of a community is probably when you’re most likely to have your voice heard.

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