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I’ve been looking for a new budgeting/money management app after using Buxfer. I love Emma’s features and I’m keen to switch across. the only issue I have is that you don’t have a desktop version.
Do you have any plans to build a desktop version?



Hi @FB123,

The team is currently working on building a web dashboard for Emma!

You can see our full roadmap by clicking here.


Do you have am estimated timeline for when the web dashboard you think is gonna be out in the wild?

PS: Is you need beta testers in the future I’m happy to be one :slight_smile:
PS2: If you need front end engineers let me know :wink:

Exciting times!

We have designed an iPad / MacBook app which will go out first. This is step one and can happen in May/June, we’ll do the web afterwards. :slight_smile:


Great. By “afterwards” are we looking for a 2023 release or it’s gonna be more like 2024?

Personally, I hope as soon as possible, but I think late 2023.


Do you have any better idea when this will be available? Would like to use Emma instead of Moneyhub but the desktop version is essential.

Hey Edoard - is there a rough targeted release date for the Mac app?
It’s on the roadmap as “next three months” but I don’t think that’s been updated for a while, and I saw above you initially targeted July. Wondered if there’s any update? :slight_smile:

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Not yet unfortunately

Why is there still no desktop version

Hi @dashpic,

it’s something we’d love to build, but it has not been our biggest priority right now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Also, unfortunately you are not a patch on what money – dashboard offered on future planning couple with no webpage and having to pay for it makes it certainly not worth the money until you sorted those two things out. Shame

David Ashdown

There is a reason why Money Dashboard shut down. :wink:

That may be so you know more than I do. It doesn’t get round the fact that their future planning tool, was exactly how it should be done, simple easy to use all there for you to see like yours, which isn’t

David Ashdown

Yes, we have been getting lots of requests for the future planning tool and we are looking into this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Until you have that feature up and running and a webpage that one can use on a proper computer and set the silly little phone which is nowhere big enough to do anything on have to go back to the old-fashioned way of doing on a spreadsheet.

David Ashdown

Hi, Can you see the development of the desktop version a priority yet? If not, is this likely to still be rolled out over the next 3 months as stated in the roadmap ( I appreciate timescales can change, I just wanted an idea if possible)

Hi Edoardo,

I’ve seen the iPad app mentioned in a number of different areas, and on the roadmap it says ‘next 3 months’, but I can also see that potentially the target build date for the iPad app has continued to move. Do you have any firmer idea of when there will be an iPad version of the Emma app? I love the app on my iPhone, but it just does not take advantage of the bigger iPad screen. Any info appreciated.

Many thanks. Justin

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Hi guys,

iPad is likely to come sooner than Web, we have done most of the work on the app by removing some design patterns that were not very friendly on a bigger screen, such as the purple headers.

It’s taking a while because we have got higher priorities right now (unfortunately). :confused:

Hi Edoardo!

Are there any updates on this? Is there an ETA you could share?

I’ve really been looking forward to an iPad app that I can use ony Mac to speed up my periodic “budgeting sessions”.