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I’ve been looking for a new budgeting/money management app after using Buxfer. I love Emma’s features and I’m keen to switch across. the only issue I have is that you don’t have a desktop version.
Do you have any plans to build a desktop version?



Hi @FB123,

The team is currently working on building a web dashboard for Emma!

You can see our full roadmap by clicking here.

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Do you have am estimated timeline for when the web dashboard you think is gonna be out in the wild?

PS: Is you need beta testers in the future I’m happy to be one :slight_smile:
PS2: If you need front end engineers let me know :wink:

Exciting times!

We have designed an iPad / MacBook app which will go out first. This is step one and can happen in May/June, we’ll do the web afterwards. :slight_smile:


Great. By “afterwards” are we looking for a 2023 release or it’s gonna be more like 2024?

Personally, I hope as soon as possible, but I think late 2023.

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