Personal feedback after a few weeks 🙂


I joined Emma (ultimate plan) a couple weeks ago. After this time I have some feedback/ideas/requests that I would like to share:

Note: is not in order of anything, it’s numbered to make referencing specific points easier.

  1. Why the primary space can’t have the name edited?

  2. Why the name of the Primary Space doesn’t show in the dashboard as the other spaces do.

  3. As an Ultimate plan user I’ve a Personal space and Business Space, but the current logic says that one account can be only in one space. I would like to be able to use the primary space as the view “all” accounts space. Duplicating the accounts can’t and shouldn’t be the solution :frowning_face: .

  4. UX improvement: In the dashboard I should be able to swipe down in the space name or the spaces icon and loop through the different spaces I have. Similar to what you can do in the iOS GMail app. Changing spaces takes 2 clicks and moving away from the dashboard, personally feels too much work.

  5. If point 4 is implemented and 3 is not, you should allow to hide “dumb” spaces like the “primary space” from the loop.

  6. Allow to add an emoji to the space (as you do with categories).

  7. Please, remove the user photo “icon” from the dashboard. Use the emoji instead from point 6. I’m not gonna upload my photo and my OCD just hurts every time I notice the photo icon slides in to remind me of uploading a photo. I would understand this if you had a “household” feature like Monarch Money does.

  8. UX wise settings should be a cog in the top right. It’s a bit counterintuitive to have it in the photo,

  9. Just use emojis. You already allow emojis for custom categories, why not use them already for the rest of the iconography (I’m not fond of it tbh), like Copilot Money does. I’m aware that some redditors are a bit frustrated with you for the use of emojis but in for a penny…

  10. Speaking of Copilot Money, I think their UI is quite good, I prefer it over Emma. I think the “condensed” UI fits better a budgeting app. I only tried the desktop app (mobile app is restricted to US) but from the screenshots of the mobile app it’s equally good.

  11. Another thing I like from Copilot Money: Categories tab with good info and graphics of the spending. Can we have it?

  12. Main dashboard widget with the whole financial status: can you add the category of pension? You can select an account type to pension but it’s not displayed. Why? Example:

  13. :point_up: Add icons for the categories please :). Once again, you have them when selecting the type of account (except ofr investments/net worth).

    (Note, didn’t take the time to mock up the investment/net work icons but you get the gist of it)

  14. Add and Sync buttons. Please, mute them a little bit or remove them from there. They take away your attention too much. I’m 99% sure that if you had an eye tracker heat map will confirm this. (Check point 22 for posible solution :slight_smile: )

  15. Transactions widget: I think it would be better if it’s vertically bigger and the show the latest three stacked vertically

  16. Speaking of transactions, can we get under the transaction name the name of the related account (with the logo please). Example:

  17. “Accounts” widget: could we have a widget with a list/grid of all the accounts of the space. When clicked they should go into the transaction list of that account only.

  18. Speaking of accounts, why is changing the name or type not possible to be done from the “Accounts” section in settings and it’s “hidden” behind dashboard graphs?. Seems quite counter intuitive.

  19. Offline accounts. The logo being limited to load it from a twitter handle has been pointed out by other users already, could we at least be able to point to existing synced accounts. Example: I’ve a couple of Lloyds savings that are not synced, so I added them as an offline account with a smart rule. I would love to point to my already synced Lloyds account for the logo instead of using the bad quality twitter one.

  20. Navigation bar: please, once entering a section remove the “notification dot”. My OCD, again, can’t handle the fact that it’s always there once I open the tab, I shouldn’t need to invest or create a savings account. I know why you’re doing it but that’s a borderline dark pattern. This is a paid product so this shouldn’t be allowed.

  21. Plan tab section… Really? As an ultimate user plan I don’t need to know all the features that I’ve available. Doesn’t provide any value (maybe for lower plans but…). Plans should be inside the settings if you ask me.

  22. :point_up: This would be a excellent place to have an accounts sections where I can add, sync and modify my accounts :slight_smile:

  23. Invest & Save sections. Can we hide/remove them? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that probably is a source of income for you, but for me and more people for sure we’re using Emma as an agregator budgeting app to overview our finances. Personally I’m not interested in investing in shares, I don’t use cashbacks until they are applied automatically by recognizing my card (probably technically impossible) and I can’t waste my time in finding if a store has a cashback and I can’t deal with the whole process of referrals/redirects to get the cashback applied. And for the savings accounts, or you provide best in class savings accounts or are not worth my attention. So, my point is that it is taking valuable space, attention and time from me/us.

  24. In their place we should have a Transactions Inbox. I’m stealing this idea from Moneyhub. It would be ideal to have at hand an inbox with the latest and “unreviewed” transactions where you can accept them or modify them with the correct info like category, icon, etc.

  25. Roadmap: if you’re not updating the roadmap, please, don’t have it. I bought into Emma with the idea of having a web dashboard available in the next 3 months or earlier. Honestly, I’m doubtful that it will be ready for 2023 at all.

I think I haven’t left anything behind.

I guess I’m not gonna get a reply for every point but if I could choose a few in order of importance, those are: 20, 24, 23, 22, 16, 17, 19, 3 and 4.

PS: Apologies for any typo left behind!

EDIT1: Added more context to #4.


Thanks for the amazing feedback, are you based in the US or UK? I see you mentioned Copilot

I’m UK based, hence why I can’t test the the copilot ios app (well, I could, but don’t wanna waste my time changing regions). It seems that Canada/UK will follow for copilot, whenever they decide to expand.

2 months ago I decided to take seriously my finances and I’ve been in path of research on how to get best of the best. On the side of budgeting apps I’ve tested/trialed/researched all the apps I could get my hands on. That’s how got to know Emma and the others: Moneyhub, Money Dashboard, Lumio, Monarch, Copilot and others I can’t remember.

This is coming in the next app update.

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I tried it and found the font really small, almost not readable. I was curious to see if others had a similar experience. Other than that, it’s a very well made finance app.

Don’t see it as an issue personally. I have tendency to like condesed UIs so it works well with me.

Personally, Copilot it’s the only one I would choose over emma with a few caveats: be available in UK (ofc) and be able to separate my business and personal accounts into different spaces as I do now (and have a third space/view with both accounts, which EMMA doesn’t have).

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Glad to hear that.

How about the rest of the stuff? :nerd_face:

This is another point we are discussing internally. As in, if that should be settings or profile.


These are all valid points, what do you mean by swipe down? I was thinking about long press on feed to select a different space.

This is in the roadmap. :wink:


We are going to replace the plan tab with a new one.

I understand as an Ultimate user there is no real need, but it helps people remembering the features, trying them all or going to the next available plan.

In terms of customising the bottom bar, we have no plans.


Do you mean in bank logins?

Please don’t make it compulsory to approve all new transactions though. I remember hating that level of micro-management when I tried moneyhub a few years ago. If you include it, please make it optional.


Do you have an iPhone and the gMail app?. If you have two mail accounts you can loop through them by swiping down on your profile picture. It’s quite handy if you ask me as doesn’t require to leave the inbox and go into a different screen and it’s only one user interaction.

Yeah, I think everything regarding the bank logins should be done through that the same screen. Adding, removing, syncing, renaming, assigning type, etc.

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Great! Any timelines you can share :upside_down_face:

I have just seen this! It looks nice but a bit hidden, no?

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Oh, yeah, but once you know about it it’s a game changer. I hate that other apps where I have multiple accounts doesnt have it (eg: twitter, instagram).

I’m always trying to swipe down to see if they have/added it :laughing:

@edoardomoreni any comments on the first points regarding spaces? Everything I mentioned bugs me out, but this specifically its really a pains me everyday…

P.S: Notice that the notification dot from the menu bar was fixed. Good :slight_smile:

Also, the thing I mentioned about separating “investment” from “pension”?