Desktop app development

Hi Emma team,

I came across this message in the community about the possibility of beta testing the desktop app. I posted a message about a desktop version last week, I’d also like to be a part of beta testing if possible. I now have an Emma account but like @joujou I have lots of accounts including business accounts so using the app on my phone is not great tbh.



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Me too! Web App is the feature I am most looking forward, I am to old for these little screens.

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I believe I am leaving Emma now. It’s been on the short-term list for quite a while (More than three months). I know Emma developers are very busy, but putting it in the 3-month section for more than 3 months is very disappointing, at least for me.

I am probably moving to money dashboard, and the only reason is that the desktop web app version was never released.

So sad to leave Emma, I really enjoyed it. Good luck with this!

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Hi @Rossina, the market has changed quite a bit and we would need to hire more people to ship a version soon and fast. For the time being, we are focusing on mobile. :slight_smile:

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