Bank logos in transaction and committed spending lists

If you go to Subscriptions (via home feed) and then click on a subscription you see a little bank icon just under the amount of each transaction.

I would like to see such icons in other lists. In particular the recent transactions list (via home feed) and the spending and committed spending lists in Analytics.

This would make it very easy to see at a glance which bank/card each transaction or upcoming transaction relates to.


Hey @o99

This is a really good idea actually. It would make sense to see which bank has been used for each transaction!

Will definately share with the team


Sounds good to me!!

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Am trying Snoop and notice it has bank/card info in the composite (all accounts) transaction list.
Would be really helpful to have similar in Emma!

Yeah, I was just checking Snoop as well.

To be honest, it’s a use case that only works well for people with 10+ accounts. :sweat_smile:

Even in my case (Amex/Barclays), I struggle to see the use apart from adding more information to the screen.

ps: on a positive note, I like the bar at the top - we’ll defo implement it.

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I reckon its useful if you only have 2 accounts/cards.

Why do you do it in your subscriptions payments history (when you click on a subscription in the subscriptions list) but not elsewhere?

It doesn’t seem to me to be particularly useful in subscription history as generally payment will be from same account every month.

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True. ehhehehe

I think so and hence why there could be a rule that makes this feature show up once you add more accounts.

I have just checked Snoop and they do exactly this. :wink:

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Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 17.28.15

We need space, space, space. ahhaha

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 17.29.08

Ignoring currency conversion (didn’t even know you did that!) at the moment you show 2 pieces of metadata: transaction note and category. Personally I’d like to see a 3rd added (bank/card) even if it leads to clutter.

But if you want to limit to two pieces of metadata my order of preference would be 1. Bank/card info, 2. Category, 3. Transaction note.

The note could even be replaced with a small icon somewhere to indicate presence of a note instead of note text.

Yup, we are live in CA/US and support Crypto, so we have to. :wink:

Makes a lot of sense.

Not that anyone asked by my preference would be 1. Category, 2. Bank Card, 3. Note

Could you overlay the bank icon on top of the category? Maybe covering 1/4 of the category icon?

The times I’ve really needed to know the account have been for some PayPal plus underlying card payments that Emma hasn’t picked up correctly. My preference is to record the PayPal transaction, because it doesn’t pend, but occasionally Emma doesn’t exclude the card transaction, so I need to pick which one to exclude.

Then there have been times when a recurring payment, like home insurance, is coming off a card or I’m getting a refund and I’ve forgotten which card or account I used originally. Handy to see it then.

They are pretty marginal cases.

Something like custom account groups would be much further up my list :joy: