Add upcoming payments to This Week card

I think it would be useful for the “This Week” card to include predicted upcoming payments.

Would also be useful to have that information laid out for future weeks.

This is motivated by the feature in Snoop where you received a snoop on Saturday or Sunday listing the regular payments you have coming up the following week. I’m finding this very useful.

If you add upcoming payments to the “This Week” card perhaps once you enter the card you could swipe left to move to the next week and (and perhaps keep swiping to see even further afield). Might also be useful to be able to swipe the other direction to review previous weeks.


Hey @o99 thanks for leaving this as a suggestion! :grinning:

What kind of things would you consider as predicted upcoming payments? Just fixed expenses like bills/ rent etc?

Are you thinking it could almost be like a simple diary view where you can see week by week what payments you have?

Basically what you already list as committed spending in the “This Pay Period” card.

I think it would be also useful to have that broken down into smaller chunks (week-by-week). Not to replace “This Pay Period” but as an alternative way to see the upcoming spending.

Yes a sort of diary view. I suspect the “This Week” card would be a convenient way of facilitating that, but you might need to rename the card.


My idea was to add this into each account view as well, so you can see right away which accounts will get charged.

It would definitely be helpful to have reminder of which accounts the committed spends are due to come from.

I’m not sure I’d find it most helpful to have that information in the account-specific lists - but would be hard to know without trying it.

What I think I’d find most helpful is to have some kind of indicator in composite lists (both spent and committed - i.e. all transactions, this week, this pay period, subscriptions, etc) for which bank or account each transaction is from. I’ve already discussed this with you so you’re already aware, but for others reading this thread…

For me I think this would be useful enough when it comes to awareness of which accounts upcoming committed spending is due to come from.

Tesco Bank has a calendar with days a payment will go out in bold. You tap the day and get a list of the upcoming payments. Something like that would be great… Maybe with a weekly, monthly and even annual view

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So if you went to recent transactions, and instead of seeing the merchant logo to the left of each payment, you saw the bank acc logo used to pay for that spend? Do you think that could be more useful?

Ideally I wouldn’t want to lose the merchant logo, but rather have the bank logo or name added somehow.

e.g. perhaps a small overlay on the merchant icon, or perhaps an icon or text next to the category text, or perhaps below the transaction name.

I guess if you did do this, you’d need to figure out the best way to do it without it looking cluttered.

Exactly this! We wouldn’t want it to look too messy else it might become a little overwhelming for some people :grinning:

Food for thought though!