Merging subscriptions

Quite often Emma doesn’t detect that a payment is simply a repeat of a subscription. The reason may be that its paid with a different card or bank account, or has slightly changed its name, or the new amount is not in the oriignal band when the subscription was first set up. A means to merge payments into a single subscription, thus preserving history would be very helpful.

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Thank you for this feedback, we’ll share this with the rest of the team. Do you envision this feature being a swipe (how you would swipe to select to archive or delete and email for example), or a drop down option within the settings?

Hey @WD06, do you have an example in mind? If so, can you send us a screenshot via chat of the original subscription and the transaction that hasn’t been detected?

This would be a great feature that I have thought about a few times, great to see it being suggested. I would often have this problem with my BT sport monthly subscription as it would change name every few months for no clear reason. Made tracking my committed spending a bit of a pain.

In my head I was thinking that there would be a button on the subscription page to find missing payments, which then opens up your list of transactions and the option to select a tick box, allowing for multiple payments to be selected. Not sure how your process works behind the scenes but I would hope that the additional data can then help improve detection in future months.

i seen seom strange behaviour sometimes with subscriptions as well, ill try and find an example, but i can have 2 subscriptions running for the same payment, but its not consistent on which is used… e.g. one shows historical payments of jan mar jul sept. the other feb apr may jun… etc. both for the same payee, same account, same ammount…

Can you reach out to live chat with an example?

I’ve posted an example in chat - where the same annual sub was taken under the same reference from the same bank account -under direct debit - but not linked

The non natching of subscriptions is a very common problem. My solution is just to leave them outstanding and they do disappear after a while A choose function to choose the tranacstion to match it with will be very useful

Occasionally you will get a duplication and then you have to go in and retire what you think is the one that will not match so a merge function with other subscriptions will be heloful as well

I have the same problem, if i make a overpayment to my morgage it is not smart enough to know that it is not my regular payment.

There is a function called “adjust subscription” that should help with merging them.