Committed spending features


I might have missed a functionality but is there a way to manage which transactions are excluded from committed spending but are still subscriptions? I have situations where I have credit cards that are used for loans and others that are used as normal credit cards.

If I go into the committed spending screen then I see some credit card payments excluded from analytics because don’t want to double up on payments (Which is a really handy feature) but sometimes it doesn’t pick up correctly that this credit card is a loan (hence don’t want it to be excluded) and this credit card is a normal account (and so should be excluded).

Similarly, I have current accounts that I have standing orders to, which are used for different reasons. Some for savings (so would not want that to be excluded so that I can see that my committed spending Including saving, expenditure etc is X amount. But again there’s some current accounts, because they have deals like cash back etc that are used to pay bills etc so don’t want those standing orders to appear there as it’ll just skew the numbers.

I suppose I could mark those transactions for both situations (credit card and current accounts) as not subscriptions but they are really subscriptions aren’t they?


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