Advanced Transactions Editing

Hey folks,

It would be great to have some feedback! I know lots of people have been wanting for this feature for ages. :wink:

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Honestly hadn’t noticed the pencil icon under See All transactions in the feed. Love the feature after testing it out for a bit. Can’t say how many times I’ve been wanting to bulk edit transactions and swore over having to go back and forth on individual entries… VERY much appreciated addition!

Can I just suggest you also consider adding it from the Analytics section? Most of the time that I want to edit transactions is when I see an amount of a category being unusually high/low and I click into the category to investigate. If I want bulk edit several transactions, I would now need to go back to the feed, and then find those individual transactions (which may have taken place maybe a week apart, and could be hard to find).

Again, great feature and I love that it’s been implemented! Also like the new Net Worth line :ok_hand:


Do you mean after you click on a category?

Exactly right :blush:

Good idea!

Or a way to edit multiple transactions from search? You could search for a category and then edit them all there?

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This would also be great.

I have loads of transactions with Tesco Bank that start with “Card payment…”, so bulk search and replace would be nice too :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll put the idea to the team :crossed_fingers:

@edoardomoreni is there anyway you could implement a way you could edit icons in bulk, as well as the transaction, I know it probably doesn’t sound like a priority, but would save my soul not having to do it one by one :slight_smile:

It’s definitely something we can look into!

Would you say a lot of your transactions don’t have an icon already?

Either that or the icons are incorrect, being able to select multiple transactions of the same merchant and updating the icon via a twitter handle in bulk would be a welcome addition. :slight_smile:

If it’s the same merchant, it already does that automatically. No need to multiple select :smiley:

Sorry @antonio, unfortunately it’s not :tired_face: Joel’s trying to sort it out for me :v: The problem is that it struggles to tell the difference between a subscription and an in app subscription as an example, my subscription with Emma is through google play store and it doesn’t pick it up, therefor making my analytics inaccurate, I’m sure it’ll get sorted though :slight_smile: Joel’s done a brilliant job so far :slight_smile:

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