Analytics vs Budgeting, EMMA PRO


Ive been using the new EMMA 3.0 and am very happy overall. I don’t have a question more so than anything why has budgets and analytics been split into separate sections, as it is now both budgets and analytics show the same thing in essence how much i have spent in a particular category. When you tap on the category in analytics shows your spend over time at the top in the nice bar charts with your averages and total monthly love it. Underneath where you spent that money in that month exactly what you want. The budgets category seems like the same thing again just looking at the budget i like having on the feed both available at a glance however when you tap in they both are so similar it seems they should be combined into like it was previously an analytics tab and use the feed to customise with charts and information the current charts feel like they would be perfect IOS widgets in curious as to what features maybe be added that requires separate budget and analytics category and cannot be merged.

I also have an issue with the pricing of emma pro as emma plus for me doesn’t offer anything near enough to justify its cost. £10pm for simply a budgeting app is crazy to me when compared to Netflix being the same price I look at emma maybe once a day. I do think a price of £2-£5pm is absolutely perfect for what is offered currently. Also upgrade doesn’t need its own tab personally even when previously having emma pro it simply did nothing but be there I think having the upgrade star next to the profile Icon would be a perfect place and swap that for the analytics/budgets merged page like in emma2.0 would be far far better.


I too have been wondering why they’re separate things.

Posting here so i get notified when someone answers.