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I need an app which will show me future money in and bills out on a calendar style page. I live on a week by week basis and need to be able to see in advance if my weeks money will be in before or after my bills. Or if I will have sufficient funds to be able to pay the bills. Is there anyway to add this or should I keep looking? Thank you

Hi @Happyroux, you have this functionality in Analytics, under Committed Spending. :slight_smile:

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So I was thinking maybe we could have a calendar tab put onto Emma so that we can see what days off the month our subscriptions are due and what expenses have come out that month.
I do currently use a separate calendar app to do so but I am having it put each transaction on there separately but if put into the Emma app it would be great as Emma is integrated with our bank account and can update the calendar automatically possibly?

Have you tried to look at committed spending?

Yeah I’ve seen the committed spending but I think (personally) its good seeing it on a actual calendar layout :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah ok!

So in this case, it’s just how we display the data? Trying to get as much feedback as possible. :slight_smile:

Yes, so you could maybe add a setting in the options to select how you want to view them :smile:

Hello, an app that would be good for you is ‘Vault - Budget Manager’ if this don’t get implemented to Emma but you will need to manually add your income/expenses to it @Happyroux

What about a feature that lets you export your committed spending into an existing calendar that you have on your phone? I have no idea if that’s something that can be created, but it sounds cool?

Hi, I think this would be a very useful function to have, with the ability to filter by Account and category/categories, so you can also clearly see if you need to move funds between accounts to cover any committed payment shortfalls.

Also with historical transactions, if you could also filter by categories or selection of categories, you can see trends in spending to help manage your budget by account. I.e. group by various bill categories like household and utilities, or committed spending.

So past dates would show your actual spends and future dates would show expected committed spends


Could this be done by going to the Analytics tab and viewing past budgets/ spending history?

Not as clearly to see you weekend spend every week, you have to try to figure out what day each date was and try to ignore other dates, having it as a calendar will allow you to easily view trends based on week day. Think just showing balance based on selected account/category would be good enough.

Oh so you’d want to be able to see how much you spent by day, so you could pin point which were your most expensive days?

We do have a graph in the weekly spending report that highlights which day you’ve spent the most money, although you can only see that for the previous week’s spending

Can’t comment for original poster, but for me would be good to be able to view the category totals on maybe a day by day over month, and previous months with a calendar type view, so could see trends easier. Just to have option to see things like at beginning of the week I’m spending X amount on eating out or on weekends, spending Y amount at the pub. If supplied 1 total per day but option to select multiple categories (not all) to view total of, could make the analysis a bit more useful. Sorry, thinking of option to then select given day and see individual category totals for that day, based on selected filter, can filter out bills for example, or filter out the account used for bills.

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So I’m thinking something like this, just a calender view option instead of a list view, if you clicked on the day it would list the spending/expenses

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in the committed spend, we could add a switch and let you choose which view you prefer.

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It would be very useful to see your subscriptions and income in a calendar view so you can see when you may have money in the bank.

I.e. you may have £2k in the bank on 31st. Several bills come out on 1st.
Perhaps your partner gets paid weekly, or you get child payments etc weekly so you will have a little more on 7th, then maybe more bills. Another weekly income payment. Etc etc.

So I would be able to go to the calendar and click on 14th to see how much I should have, or would usually have.

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Hey @PaulEsty93 :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community :blush:

We’ve been discussing the option to switch the committed spending section on the app to a calendar view, so you can see when your bills are coming out.

I think what you’re after is a little more complex, but it’s something for us to think about anyway!