Analytics & Budgeting Improvements

Hm. It is a good idea to highlight Unbudgeted categories, but I feel like an extra click is not working for me. Maybe there is a better way to highlight such categories.
Budget by merchant is very cool!

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I am not sure. The idea was to keep it simple and give space to Merchant Budgets.

Really loving the app for tracking my spending. Whilst the Spend v Income bar and budget donut help me see how I’m spending they don’t give me the full insight on how much I’ve spent so far this month versus last month or an average month.

For instance, all my bills are set to come out on or around the first of the month which means my bars and donut jump and I look like I’ve spent everything, it is then very difficult to gauge how my incremental spend on groceries and stuff is tracking versus last pay period, or an average pay period.

I’d love to see a cumulative spend graph across the duration of my pay period with a shadow of last month, or an average month, to compare against.

BTW, the flexibility in setting up a custom Pay Period is fabulous.


Hey @Soap,

thanks for the suggestion!

Yes, this is something that we are going to implement next.

We really think the Analytics feature is missing this feature and forecast to reach the ultimate perfection!


Hey everyone, just wanted to provide idea for 2 features that will make life a bit easier while using Emma:

  1. Imagine you had a party and you paid for Deliveroo for your friends and yourself. After that in Emma you have let’s say 5 transactions: your “big” purchase and 4 income from your friends. And in whole months report those transactions looks really disconnected. Would be good to be able to select those transactions, click “merge” button and see those transaction as sum of 5 (also be able to open it and see what was merged and be able to unlink it).
  2. I have some offline accounts (like chase card) and when I move money from connected hsbc account to the chase account transaction shows as expense. And what I’m doing is excluding this transaction and manually add it to the offline one. Would be great to be able to select offline account as category and then app understands that it’s not the expense, but transfer to offline account.
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I would love sorting options in analytics - this would be a huge help.

For example I might want to look at yearly analytics and then sort transactions by highest spend - to see what the most expensive transactions were for a specific year.

I am not sure if you know, but categories are able to offset each other, so if you put everything in entertainment and you have something like -£50, £10, £10, £10, the category total will be -£20. :slight_smile:

Have you tried to use Smart Rules? They work in a similar way. :slight_smile:

But it’s not about category, but transaction

The other way you could do this is by splitting the payment with Emma. You can do this both in the transaction or groups.

We currently supported Linked Transactions just for internal transfers, but this functionality could be enabled for everyone so you can link transactions on your own. :slight_smile:

Smart rules can’t be added to offline cards for some reason. What I’m doing rn is adding income transaction for offline chase account and duplicating it in offline Chase savings account

I have more updates for Analytics!

In the next app update, we are going to introduce a filter by account and also a chart to show spend over time, so you will be able to see how you are doing against the previous period. :slight_smile:

Analytics will support 3 types of charts, which you can see all down here (data is made up). :point_down:


This is great, i would also say it would be nice to pick a default for the analytics page so i prefer the bar graph its nice ti have that open first every time if possible.

Looks good.

I particularly like the final screenshot where you can see your cumulative spend for current period against the previous period.

It would be nice if there were an option to replace the previous period’s line with your average line across all prior periods (perhaps in the last 12 months), so the average becomes the reference.


Looking forward to the comparison charts!

If there is an option to compare year vs year, not just this month vs last month, that would be even better as it gives greater reference. :nerd_face:


Yes, we have thought about this and it makes way more sense than ‘previous month’.

Yes, you have the filter by date, so you can do this. :slight_smile:

You can compare 2021 vs 2022 even by bank account with the new functionality.

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Amazing, looking forward to this :heart_eyes:

When can we expect the next update to release?

I was hoping for this week, but I think it will be next.

We are testing it:

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